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Feb 16 2022

The cost of transportable homes

The spike in demand for rapid-build, low cost, and hassle-free living options has given rise to a new group of homes that first home buyers and seasoned...

Feb 9 2022

What is a modular home?

Creative alternatives to housing are emerging across the country providing buyers with many non-mainstream options to build a new home. And while variety is a...

Jul 28 2021

Prefab house designs for difficult site access

With available land in New Zealand becoming increasingly scarce, it’s common for those who are interested in building a home to compromise on their ‘ideal...

Jul 22 2021

Where do Genius Homes deliver?

Prefabricated homes and transportable homes are becoming a popular choice worldwide for those building new due to the many benefits they deliver, including...

Apr 21 2021

Pros and cons of a prefab house

Whether you're ready to upsize your home, retire, invest or get onto the property ladder, the process of building a new house can be daunting. It’s important...

Sep 22 2020

What's the difference between transportable homes & relocatable homes?

As technology develops so does the way in which our homes are constructed. There are many types of house construction, such as traditional homes, modular...

Sep 22 2020

What is a transportable home?

When people think of a transportable home, the first thing that comes to mind is a square, box-like building with a typical cookie-cutter design and structure....

Sep 21 2017

Prefab homes vs transportable houses

In New Zealand, both transportable homes and prefabricated homes are popular options amongst those looking for low cost, quick and hassle-free new build...

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