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Each of our 2-bedroom homes offers a perfect balance of comfort, quality, and style. Their compact yet attractive design makes them an excellent choice for holiday homes, second dwellings and guest accommodation.

With thoughtfully arranged spaces and practical design, our 3-bedroom homes are built to meet the demands of everyday life. Each with contemporary layouts and modern finishes, these houses are well suited to small families or as investment properties.

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With generous living spaces and intelligent design, these 4 and 5-bedroom homes are ideal for spacious family living. These beautifully designed houses allow you to enjoy function, style and comfort all in one appealing package.

Whether you’re looking for a single self-contained unit or a large multi-bedroom complex, this range is guaranteed to meet your needs. These houses are perfect to use as income earners or worker accommodation because they are durable, versatile and incredibly practical.

Our range of farm homes is designed to provide affordable, long-lasting accommodation for farm workers. There are many benefits to having happier workers and providing quality accommodation is a smart place to start. This range includes small self-contained units, staff quarters with communal living and large multi-bedroom manager's houses. 

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