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Where do Genius Homes deliver?

Prefabricated homes and transportable homes are becoming a popular choice worldwide for those building new due to the many benefits they deliver, including convenience, efficiency and affordability. Making houses within a factory typically speeds up the construction as it streamlines the build process and ensures that weather conditions do not hinder the external stages or delay supply deliveries, which can reduce the overall cost.

However, while the indoor build process provides many advantages, it’s important to factor in the location of your site before setting your heart on a prefab home design. While even the largest of our 50+ home designs can be delivered throughout most of the South Island by our experienced drivers, there are a few areas that are unavailable due to transport logistics. In this blog, we’ll outline the locations that Genius Homes delivers to, as well as discuss what common factors might impact site access. 

Prefab homes for the South Island

At Genius Homes, we have our own delivery truck and in-house drivers that are experienced in transporting our prefabricated homes. As we carry out the construction of these homes in our Timaru-based factory, it is only possible for us to deliver them to locations within the South Island of New Zealand. From Southland to Tasman and many places in between, we have delivered a wide range of accommodation options to many happy Genius Homes customers. From our compact, self-contained units, through to our luxury five bedroom family homes, purpose-built farm staff accommodation or lock-and-leave holiday homes, there’s an option for every South Islander. We would love to be able to service the North Island in the future too, however this is not currently possible.

Which regions can Genius Homes deliver to?

While it is no secret that many of our roads offer challenging conditions and the diverse terrain means they are often narrow, hilly and windy with plenty of sharp corners, our drivers have honed their skills to deliver a home safely to many regions and sites. Outside of the main cities, there are very few motorways and passing lanes, but having spent decades understanding the roads and navigating the landscape they know these routes like the back of their hands. 

However, due to the rugged mountainous landscape of the South Island, there are some paths even the most experienced truck drivers cannot manoeuvre their way through. All it takes is for one bend to be too tight and the route is no longer accessible. Therefore, it’s important to note that there are a handful of more isolated areas where we are unable to deliver our prefab homes. 

These include areas such as from Motueka through to Golden Bay and up to the tip of the South Island, as homes cannot be transported over the windy and narrow Takaka Hills. This beautiful and well-known road is renowned for its outstanding landscape quality and views, it is also known as New Zealand’s longest hill and has many narrow corners which limit a wide load from entering its path. 

What can impact the site access of a prefab home delivery?

Once your new prefab home arrives at your section, the hard part may not be over yet. Some of the factors that can impact the ease of delivery of a prefabricated home include:

  • A narrow driveway with tight corners
  • A steep site gradient
  • Access being obstructed by trees, another building or protected land
  • Access across rugged farmland or over small bridge
  • Powerlines or other services

These complexities can also impact the time the delivery takes and therefore the cost involved, however these will be identified with you in the planning stage. While the factors listed above may create some challenges when it comes to physically delivering your home, the Genius Homes team is always happy to chat with you about options specifically tailored to your site. 

While our truck drivers are experienced and can make it into some tricky areas, we aren’t able to crane your prefab home onto site and we do not offer on-site construction, therefore it may sometimes mean that you will need to consider a smaller floor plan. In this case, you may like to check out our house designs for difficult to access sites

We do understand that you may want to know if your town or section is accessible before you go too far into investigating a home being delivered. Before one of our homes is sold to their future homeowner, our sales team will discuss a transportation plan with you. This is where our team will be able to advise if there are any restrictions on the type of home that can be delivered to your site, as it will include a delivery pathway plan and the costs involved. 

To find out more about if the prefab home building process is the right fit for you or to arrange a free site inspection, contact the Genius Homes team today. Alternatively, our guided factory tours are a great way for you to explore our homes that are currently in production and see what makes a prefab design so unique so why not book your tour today! 

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