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3 Bedroom house designs

3 bedroom houses have grown in popularity across New Zealand. Online search data shows that ‘3 bedroom house’ is typed into Google an average of 110 times a month in 2022, compared to only 20 back in 2008. A quick search on also reveals that 3 bedroom houses are represented with far more listings than those with any other number of rooms.

Why are 3 bedroom houses so popular?

Modern lifestyles have changed, and as living standards have evolved too, people require more flexibility than ever. Nowadays homeowners look to host visitors with style, comfort, and a sense of home, which means a practical, thoughtful design is crucial.

Flexibility to suit any lifestyle

Good house design should enable you to customise your space as circumstances change, without being wasteful or extravagant. For many homeowners, the desire for more space and flexibility must be carefully balanced against extra heating costs and maintenance. 

A 3 bedroom house gives adaptability and balance, regardless of the homeowners’ lifestyle. For example, bedrooms can be used for children, work, storage, or as spare rooms for guests.

Home office and hobby space

With people spending record amounts of time in their homes in recent years, many people are looking for homes with more functional space. A third bedroom can be easily converted into a home office, hobby room, personal gym, or even a workspace for a side hustle. If you want your new home to hold its value and meet your future needs, a third bedroom could be the answer. 

Long term value

With three being a versatile and popular number of bedrooms for kiwi homes, when tossing between a two or three bedroom home, opting for three may yield a better capital gain long term as the demand for three bedroom homes remains prevalent over time. This could help increase the overall value of your home but is also likely to make it easier to sell when the time comes as it will attract a larger pool of buyers.

3 bedroom house plans

While they are functional, 3-bedroom homes don’t have to be boring. In fact, with such a wide range available, you’re guaranteed to find a plan that appeals to you. To inspire you, here are 6 of our most popular 3-bedroom homes:

Tasman prefab house plan

3 bedroom home - Tasman Prefab DesignTasman Prefab Home

Our Tasman design is sophisticated, elegant, and practical, complete with everything homeowners are looking for. The open-plan living, expansive windows, and convenient sliding doors create a space that’s perfect for modern living. The Tasman has an excellent floor plan for entertaining. The 39.5 sqm deck wraps around the living area, providing great indoor-outdoor flow through the wide glass doors. 

3 Bedroom Floor Plan

Tasman Floorplan

Brunner 3 prefab design

If you like modern style and spacious living then something like the Brunner 3 is definitely worth a look. With an entrance from the outdoor area and a second entrance through the laundry room, this home is designed for ease of living. You can conveniently deal with muddy boots and dirty clothes before entering the house and effortlessly extend your living space outdoors in summer. 

3 bedroom home - Brunner Prefab DesignBrunner 3 Prefab Home

The Brunner also features a generously sized master bedroom with a walk-through wardrobe and ensuite as well as a large family bathroom with a full-sized bath.

3 bedroom prefab floorplan

Brunner 3 Floorplan

Kyeburn prefab design

If you're looking for a 3-bedroom house plan with a little more width, the Kyeburn may be just the ticket. 

The Kyeburn is designed to maximise natural light and views, with floor-to-ceiling windows in all the front rooms, including the master, living space, and second bedroom. Above the sliding doors in the open plan living, extra windows allow even more light to pour in.

3 bedroom home - Kyeburn Prefab Design
The Kyeburn bedrooms are thoughtfully planned with modern living in mind. For those seeking privacy and convenience, the master is set apart at one end of the house with an ensuite and spacious walk-in wardrobe. The other two are situated at the opposite end, each with ample built-in storage. 
Practical 3 bedroom home design

Benmore prefab design 

Our most popular design is the Benmore, and for good reason. If you've always dreamt of having a sleeping 'wing' and a living section that can be closed off from each other, then you'll be delighted with the Benmore. 

3 bedroom home - Benmore Prefab Design

Benmore Home

The innovative U-shaped layout, with a 66.4 sqm deck in the centre, creates the ultimate indoor-outdoor flow. With the open-plan kitchen, dining, and living room in one wing, and the bedrooms and bathrooms in the other, this design is ideal for families and entertaining. 

The master suite, complete with ensuite and walk-through wardrobe, can access the central deck with ease, providing an appealing connection with the outdoors.

3 bedroom houseplans

Benmore Floorplan

Rakaia prefab design

The Rakaia is well suited to year-round hosting, no matter the weather, with a spacious living area, wide stacker doors, and an open plan. You’ll have every opportunity to soak up the sun and a seamless connection from indoors to outdoors. 

3 bedroom home - Rakaia Prefab Design
With its designated entryway and 38 sqm deck off the living area, everything about this house is inviting. But the appeal doesn’t stop with the heart of the home, because the bedrooms are equally enticing, each with generous built-in storage and floor-to-ceiling windows. Additionally, the master has a private 5.6 sqm deck, ensuite, and a substantial walk-in wardrobe.
3 bedroom home with deck floor plans

More prefab house designs

The above are only a few examples of 3-bedroom houses available through Genius Homes. We have plenty more to choose from, so why not check out the full range of 3-bedroom designs

You’re sure to find one you like, and if not, we can partner with you to customise one to your preferences. We can combine your favourite parts of multiple designs or start from scratch to create the home of your dreams. 

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