3 Bedroom house designs

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3 bedroom houses
3 bedroom houses are growing in popularity across New Zealand. Simple online search data shows the average amount of times '3 bedroom house' was typed into Google back in 2008 was around 20 times a month. When that's compared with 2017 and 2018 the monthly volume is sitting closer to 60 searches a month.

It's not just Google searches that are showing increased popularity in 3-bedroom houses in New Zealand. Jumping on realestate.co.nz reveals that 3-bedroom houses are represented with a great deal more listings compared to two bedroom and four bedroom houses.

So why are 3 bedroom houses so popular?

Modern lifestyles have changed, but still, require flexibility as living standards have altered too. It wasn't too long ago that staying with friends or family was almost guaranteed to result in a night on an air bed, or sofa bed. Nowadays homeowners look to offer visitors a level of comfort they're used to at home. And sometimes this may be in addition to hosting a young child, or a young adult soon to fly the nest.

A 3 bedroom house gives flexibility and balance. Yes, you could simply use the rooms for children, a hobby room or an office, but having a spare room also enables you to adapt should circumstances change - without being as wasteful as having two unused rooms. For many homeowners, the desire for more space and flexibility must be balanced against extra heating costs and maintenance.

3-bedroom houses aren't boring

It may seem like a 3-bedroom home is a safe bet. The size is neither too big, nor too small. It's spacious without being excessive and it's manageable without being pokey. The fact your home has 3 bedrooms can mean you have a vibrant family home, or a house ready for guests. Either way, the rest of the house can become your play area (for adults, or children).

3-bedroom house plans

Brunner 3 prefab design

If you like modern style and spacious living then something like the Brunner 3 is definitely worth a look at.

The Brunner features a generously sized master bedroom which comes with a walk-through wardrobe, that leads into the ensuite. A large family bathroom with a full-size bath and separate toilet are complemented by a centrally located living area and kitchen.

With an entrance from the outdoor area and second entrance through the laundry room, this home is designed to deal with muddy boots and dirty clothes before they venture into the house.

3 bed houses nz

3 bedroom floorplan

Kyeburn prefab design

If you're looking for a 3 bedroom house plan with a little more width then the Kyeburn may be just the ticket. Not only do the front bedrooms (one of which is the master suite) feature floor-to-ceiling windows, but the extra windows above those really help the light pour in.

Inspiration for your designer home build
Practical 3 bedroom home design

Benmore prefab design 

If you've always dreamt of having a sleeping 'wing' and a living section that can be closed off from each other then you'll be very happy with the Benmore. The master suite walks out onto the deck and the ensuite is accessed via the walk-through wardrobe.

Designer 3 bedroom home
Entertainers 3 bedroom

Rakaia prefab design

But if statement houses aren't quite your thing and you long for something that blends into the rest of the street slightly better then consider the Rakaia. It focuses its plan on an open plan living area that becomes the heart of the home. Entertaining is easy with 2 deck access points from the main living space and the breakfast bar encourages great conversation. 

3 bedroom designer house in South Island NZ
3 bedroom home with deck floor plans

The above are simply a few examples of the full range of 3 bedroom house designs available through Genius Homes, and because they're prefabricated they're built quicker, and more affordable than many conventional homes. So why not check out all the designs, and if you don't see one you like (or see bits of one home you love, and bits of another you also love) then chat to us and see if we can customise the home of your dreams.

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