Reasons to downsize your family home

by Genius Homes

As life circumstances change so should the space you call home. We don't even have to look at significant life changes to see that moving from a large family home to a more modest one can be a really good move.

As children move out and as homeowners become less mobile the need for massive shared spaces and long treks to commonly used spaces becomes less efficient. Making this decision can be tough, especially when there are so many happy memories in your home, but just as you would have adapted to a larger home in anticipation of a growing family it's a natural step to assess the suitability of a family home when the family dynamic has changed.

We've compiled a list of a few of the many benefits of downsizing your family home when the time becomes right.

Save money
Heating and cooling a large home is going to cost you unnecessarily. You may be able to close off certain areas in the house now that they see little use but be aware of mould and damp in rooms that no longer get fresh airflow or heating.

Free-up some cash
This children that moved out aren't necessarily out of your pockets completely! Using some or all of the equity in your home to buy a smaller house could leave you with cash left over. Perfect for supporting that wedding that's coming or giving your children a leg-up on the property ladder with their own deposits.

Increased practicality
Not only is a smaller house easier to clean and maintain but a more compact kitchen can be easier to move around. Having the bedroom closer to the living room and utilities near the kitchen also make the practicalities of getting around with heavy loads easier as well as making your house more accessible.

Downsizing can also encourage you to re-assess the objects that have filled the space in your family home. A lot of it will hold sentimental value but even more is likely to be taking up space simply because you have the space to fill! Moving to a smaller home can help you take a fresh look at everything, you might even find a hidden gem that will now take pride of place in your new home!

As you can see there are significant benefits to down-sizing and it's possible to create a more compact living environment without compromising your lifestyle. But when you're looking to make life easier the hassle of building something new can be way too much. That's why lots of people looking to downsize are keen on prefab houses.

Built in our factory then transported to your site there are no delays due to bad weather and you could have your house on site from within 20 weeks of completing your order. No tradies, no budget over-runs and no hassle. It's a brilliant way to get into a brand new home with minimum fuss.

To see how great downsizing can be why not have a look at our 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom or 4 bedroom range of prefabricated houses.

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"We are very proud of our home. Our friends feel like they are on holiday when they are here. It has a real relaxing feel to it."


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