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Benefits of downsizing your home

People downsize for all sorts of reasons: adapting to an empty nest, preparing for retirement, or maybe just to seek out a simpler life. As circumstances change, so should the space you call home and often a shift to downsize your family home to a more modest one that embraces a ‘less is more’ lifestyle can be a really good move.

As children move out and lifestyles change, the need for massive shared spaces and long treks to commonly used areas becomes less efficient. Making the decision to switch can be tough, especially when there are so many happy memories in your home. But just as you would have adapted to a larger home in anticipation of a growing family, it's a natural step to assess the suitability of a family home when the family dynamic has changed. And while downsizing might seem like a daunting prospect, there are many advantages to making this kind of move!

So if downsizing is something that would suit your current lifestyle and future goals, these are the kinds of benefits you can look forward to:

Downsizing to save money

Maintaining a large house is costly. Energy bills, maintenance costs, mortgage repayments, and insurance all fluctuate considerably relative to the size of your house. A smaller home will mean lower bills, freeing up extra cash to pay off your loans, be free of your mortgage, travel the world, or invest for retirement.

If there are spaces in your home not being used regularly, is paying to heat and cool these areas really worth it? While it may be possible to close off certain areas in the house that now see little use, be aware of mould and dampness developing in rooms that no longer get fresh airflow or heating. Assess the empty space around your house and weigh up whether the extra savings could make a difference in the way you live.

Downsizing and using some or all of the equity in your current home to buy a smaller house could leave you with cash left over. Perfect for supporting that family wedding that's coming up or giving your children a leg-up on the property ladder with their own deposits. The children might have moved out but they aren't necessarily out of your pockets completely! 

Increased housing practicality

Living in and maintaining a smaller house will not only save you money but will be a lot more practical too! A small house is easier to clean and maintain, meaning less time spent on the house and more time to spend on experiences and enjoying quality time with friends and family. 

A smaller and more compact home can also be easier to move around. Having the bedroom closer to the living room and utilities nearer the kitchen make the practicalities of getting around much easier. This kind of accessibility future-proofs your home meaning you’re likely to be able to stay in it for much longer.

Declutter your home

Downsizing encourages a re-assessment of possessions that have filled the space in your family home. A lot of these will hold sentimental value but it also might be that some of these things are taking up space simply because there was space to fill. Moving to a smaller home can help you take a fresh look at everything and you might even find a hidden gem that will now take pride of place in your new home! 

Minimalist home nzEmbrace the opportunity for a clean slate. Part with the things that no longer serve their original purpose, eliminate excess ‘stuff’ and prioritise your select possessions. Sell surplus furniture and other household items to make a bit of extra cash or gift to family or charity so someone new can love and appreciate these items too. 

Remember, if you’ve got space, you’re going to fill it. So, reduce the space, reduce the stuff, and enjoy having a less cluttered and overwhelming home.

Live sustainably

Living small and using only what you need is far more sustainable and kinder to the earth. Many people with smaller homes explore alternative sustainable energy options, such as solar, as a means of powering their home. These sustainable solutions are much more affordable and feasible if your house is small. A smaller home requires less energy to heat and cool and a newer smaller home may have better insulation too.

A lifestyle that prompts using only what you need generally also translates to less waste. With less space to fill, you’ll likely have less unnecessary stuff and only fill your home with possessions that serve a purpose and add value to your life. A smaller kitchen means less food storage with a quicker turnover of food, so food is less likely to go off and be wasted.

Greater housing flexibility

The money and time you save from living in a smaller home frees you up to live a more flexible life. With a smaller workload, less responsibility and more cash in hand you’re all set for spending more time having fun, embracing quality time with family and friends, and just enjoying your home rather than being a slave to it. And it’ll be much easier to up and leave for a holiday away too. Many homeowners appear happier when they’re no longer overwhelmed by the demands of a larger home. The freedom and flexibility of living small definitely takes a strain off your life!

You could even reinvest the savings in a motorhome so you can finally travel now that you have the time. Less time maintaining a home means you can set off on an adventure or two. Pop in and see family, revisit popular holiday destinations or go somewhere completely new. The winding roads are yours to explore.

New home location

In a climate of reducing availability of land on the market, the luxury of choosing where to live, and building new in your ideal location, can be difficult to achieve. With a smaller home, this process is much easier as you’ll have more options available to you. A small section in town could be all you need to fit your perfect downsized home. You’ll be closer to urban centres, and able to access amenities with ease with everything within walking distance, a short drive away, or accessible via public transport nearby. 

Downsize your homeOr how about perching your small home at the back of your current property and renting out your larger house to make some money? Or letting the kids move into it as their housing needs expand. Alternatively, you could pop a small house at the back of your children’s property so you’re closer to grandchildren, or simply drop it in some off-grid, idyllic setting by a lake, on a hilltop, or a small clearing in the bush. With a small home such as a prefab Genius Homes, the luxury of choice is yours!

A fresh start

When life circumstances change, continuing on in the place you have called home for so long with loved ones no longer there can be difficult. A new home can be the start of a new chapter, a fresh start. For many, a clean slate such as a new home and different lifestyle can be the prompt they need to get creative, take on new projects, change old habits, and see life from a new perspective. Take the time to make your small space special - splurge on nice new furnishings. Size doesn’t need to be a hindrance when it comes to making spaces beautiful and functional. 

How a prefab house can help your downsizing journey

Downsizing doesn’t have to mean sacrifice. Yes, you’re giving up space, but you’re also finding new and creative ways to live. Embracing the ‘less is more’ lifestyle unlocks many benefits that, depending on your current lifestyle and future needs, could be the perfect opportunity for a fresh start and a more fulfilling way of life. 

With a prefab home, you can unlock the benefits of downsizing without the long and complicated hassles of a typical build. Built in our factory then transported to your site there are no delays due to bad weather, fewer tradies and waste on your site, no budget overruns, and far less stress. It's a brilliant way to get into a brand new home with minimum fuss.

So if you’ve been thinking about downsizing, start planning now. Consider what you do and don’t need in the space you call home. Eliminate rooms you no longer need, get creative about what you could change, start decluttering, and look forward to adopting a lifestyle with more savings, more time, less stress and more enjoyment all-round. The team at Genius Homes are always here to support you on your journey to make the switch to a new home, so talk to one of our team today to see how we can help!

To see how great downsizing can be, why not have a look at our 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, or 3 bedroom range of prefabricated houses. You can also see our full range of prefab home designs available by downloading our latest product catalogue.


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