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Decades of experience building warm, affordable and stylish prefab homes means you're in safe hands when building your dream home with us.

Our team becomes your team as we design, build and deliver a house that becomes your home.

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Why choose a Genius Home?  Find out more.
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Don't take our word for it, see why our customers love their Genius Home.

Get an insight as to why so many South Islanders choose Genius Homes for their dream home.

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Why choose prefab

Prefab, or prefabricated, homes have a multitude of benefits over conventional kitset houses.  Built in a dedicated factory and delivered to your site they are often quicker, more affordable and easier to build.

Find out why prefab homes are becoming so popular in New Zealand as an alternative building option.

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Overwhelmed with choice?

If you know what you're after, but don't know where to begin then welcome to our online Dream Home Finder!

Simply input the features you're looking for in a new home and we'll show you the plans that match. Try it now by clicking the button below.

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Prefab mortgage

Westpac has launched a new type of mortgage specifically for prefab homes. Learn more about what this means for prefab home buyers, including new homeowners.

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Discover our range of 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom, 4 bedroom, commercial and farm home designs by downloading our latest brochure.
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How do you fund your prefab home? Find out more

Funding your prefab home? How is it different from traditional methods? Find Out More

Discover how funding a prefab home can be slightly different to a conventional kitset home in this article.

From what you need to consider, to methods available to secure funding; you'll find everything you need to know in this insightful article.

Funding your prefab home

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