3 Bedroom house designs

3 bedroom houses are growing in popularity across New Zealand. Simple online search data shows the average amount of times '3 bedroom house' was typed into Google back in 2008 was around 20 times a month. When that's compared with 2017 + 2018 the monthly volume is sitting closer to 60 searches a month.

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Top tips on keeping warm this winter

As the cold sets in the house could be getting a little chilly. Whether you're feeling the freeze a little more at night or if a string wind really brings in the chill we have a few handy hints for ways you can keep the cold at bay.

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How a prefab home can keep you warmer this winter

The South Island of New Zealand can get some pretty cold weather. According to Niwa, Ranfurly and Middlemarch regions in Central Otago tied for New Zealand's coldest temp of 2018 at -6C. This is by no means the coldest temperature recorded in the South Island. That accolade goes to Ranfurly, Eweburn which recorded a staggering –25.6 on the 17th July 1903.

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Modern Prefab Homes

Prefab homes have come along way since they were first conceived.  From the early days, when prefab simply meant a home built from pre-constructed panels, to the modern prefab home which is delivered in its entirety to site.

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Perfect prefab for Hanley's Farm

Central Otago is beautiful. The cool crisp air in the winter and the warmth of the sun on the hills in summer can only be beaten by the red and gold autumn delivers or the budding flowers and leaping lambs of spring.

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What is a modular home

Modular buildings and modular houses in particular are buildings that are constructed off-site, generally in factory or secure indoors location. They are then transported to the site and final fabrication (connection) is completed on-site.

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