Why choose prefab if you are considering building a new home

A prefab home enables the savvy home buyer to build their dream home in a quick, efficient and cost-effective manner. The unique build process that a prefab home goes through enables it to have a more controlled workflow, for costs to be very tightly controlled and for delivery to be speedy and less disruptive for your build site.

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How prefab homes are helping change New Zealand's housing crisis


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What makes prefab homes cheaper than traditional homes?

When you're looking to buy a new home the price can be a major factor. If you've worked out how much you can afford you've probably discovered the upper limits of your budget. Yet you probably don't want to compromise on your dream home, so a battle begins.

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Does my farm housing have to comply with the Residential Tenancies act?

Offering accommodation for farm workers has several benefits. Not only does it help to keep good workers by giving them housing that they would otherwise have to commute to and from, but it can also reduce their living costs giving them more money in their pocket each week.

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How to make staff accommodation feel like home

Whether you are renting a home or living in farm or staff accommodation, you shouldn't have to compromise living in a space that doesn't feel like home. By turning a house into a home can have psychological benefits to yourself and your family.  

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3 Bedroom house designs

3 bedroom houses are growing in popularity across New Zealand. Simple online search data shows the average amount of times '3 bedroom house' was typed into Google back in 2008 was around 20 times a month. When that's compared with 2017 + 2018 the monthly volume is sitting closer to 60 searches a month.

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