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Our favourite prefab home projects from 2020

As 2020 comes to a close, we are sure many of you are looking forward to welcoming in the new year. Even though this year hasn’t been without its challenges, our team was able to rise to the challenge and adapt to a new way of working effortlessly. From booking online consultations to discuss colour options to working together as a team to catch up on delayed projects due to the closure of the factory our team has finished the year off with a record number of new homes built and we couldn’t be more proud of everyone’s efforts.

With the increase in production this year, we thought it was only appropriate to ask the team to share their favourite home builds from 2020. Even though we have only shown five projects below there were many more outstanding builds delivered to happy customers across the South Island of New Zealand, and the team agreed that it was difficult to just pick only a few

So let’s look at the first project of our pick and explain why this one was so memorable.

Prefab homes nzPrefab homes NZ

This project was a custom take on the Tasman, a three-bedroom home with a real modern finish. It was also the first house to be delivered via our new Genius Homes truck! The high ceilings covered in ply in the entertaining area of the home was a stand out feature for our team.

Scott Ivey, who is our quality assurance officer, said: “It was great to be able to work with new products for this build, the owners made a great choice when deciding on their finishings.” Scott’s standout features of this project were “the living area with the feature ply and master bathroom with the tiled shower and floor”. Head of product delivery Jacques Botha agrees with Scott’s comments also saying that the “new products presented a great outcome.”

Paint and plaster team leader Sean Tracy, also agreed that the chosen fixings were a stand out for this project, saying “the execution of this home, went above and beyond his expectations.”

Painter David Hughes mentioned that it was awesome that this project was the lucky one to make the first journey on the back of the new Genius Homes truck. 

Prefab home interior
Prefab home in Kakanui
Prefab home delivered on back of truck

This project was a clear favourite to builder Michael Houlden. Delivered to its location in Kakanui this 3-bedroom, modern prefab Brunner 3 design didn’t come without its challenges.

Michael mentioned that this build has lots of learning involved but had a favourable outcome - “This project had a lot of detailed work, which came together well.”

New home build in Ohau
Prefab house

Located in Ohau this custom project has a number of stories to tell. It started by going through the design phase during the COVID-19 lockdown but was lucky enough to have missed the devastating Ohau bush fires in October 2020, partly as a result of the delays COVID-19 placed on this home’s build schedule. Sometimes things work out just the way they intended!

This house delivered several unique challenges for the team but they were able to create a truly spectacular home which has been a favourite for two of our team members.

Our Homes Consultant, Alison Radford, explained that she initially started working on this house during COVID Lockdown via Zoom meetings, numerous emails and phone calls. During a difficult period, she managed to capture the client’s requests and produce a truly spectacular home. She continues to say that; “The level of detail that was included was executed professionally by our team resulting in the client exclaiming it was more than they had imagined.”

Bernice Kelly, our QS/Purchasing team member, said that this project was one out of the ordinary. “Completely custom with a lot of aspects that we have not done before.” It was also one of those projects that you were not sure of the final result, until the end and it delivered two-fold.

Prefab house in factory
Prefab houses nz
Prefab houses

The Mayfield is known as a practical and compact home. With 3-bedrooms this design has a well thought out plan which includes an open plan living and dining area. Because of its simplicity, this project was a star favourite for electrician Jamie Stewart who says this project was a “Nice simple job done well by the team.”

Delivered to its home in Milton, this project left the factory with the team thrilled with the outcome.

Large prefab homes
Prefab house delivery

Our sales consultant Samuel Macfarlane was not shy to admit that it has been one very memorable year for him and the team. For Samuel, helping his good friends build their home was a real highlight for him. He explained that he was super proud of the Genius Homes team who “pulled finger on it, from the construction through to the delivery”. As a sales consultant, Samuel usually leaves the building process up to his colleagues but this time he was able to follow the process alongside his good friends, following the progress all the way to site. “The attention and detail that the project got was fantastic to see.” He said.

The chosen design for Samuel’s friends was the Nova design, one of the largest prefab homes from the Genius Homes range. Featuring 5-bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and 2 living areas, seeing this house on the back of a truck is definitely one to stop traffic!

Looking at the team’s favourite designs for 2020, you can see that there is a huge variety in the prefab homes we build every year. For every custom project, there are several that match the exact plans on the website, perfect for people looking for a quick, easy and hassle-free build.

If you're thinking of building and want to know how a prefab designs from Genius Homes could give you flexibility and affordability why not contact us for a free chat about your plans? If you want to look around our range then use our Dream Home Finder to discover the house closest to your dream.

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