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What are the advantages of 3 bedroom house plans?

It's no secret that three bedroom houses are in high demand in New Zealand. This is mainly due to the fact that they are versatile, easy to personalise, and available in a variety of layouts that can be adapted to suit different lifestyles.

In this article, we dig into the reasons why three bedroom homes are so popular and how you can take advantage of this. Keep reading for our layout recommendations and considerations to make when choosing the perfect house plan or your needs. 

Average house size in New Zealand

As of May 2022, the average floor area of new houses built in New Zealand was about 147 square metres. According to the 2018 census, the percentage of New Zealand homes with each number of bedrooms is as follows:

  • 1 bedroom – 6.2%
  • 2 bedrooms – 19.1%
  • 3 bedrooms – 43.5%
  • 4 bedrooms – 23.9%
  • 5+ bedrooms – 7.3%

Benefits of three bedroom houses

Modern lifestyles have changed and as living standards have evolved too, people require more flexibility than ever. Nowadays, homeowners look for a practical home layout that allows them to host in style and comfort. 

As a result of the townhouse development boom and the rising cost of building materials, three-bedroom houses have held the top spot for a while now. As buyers are desperate to get a foothold in the housing market, a three-bedroom home is small enough to be attainable while still offering the functionality and flexibility people need.


By employing an effective house design, you can personalise your living area according to your lifestyle without incurring excessive expenses. It's important to strike a balance between the longing for more space and flexibility and the potential additional costs for heating and upkeep. For instance, a third bedroom can serve various purposes such as accommodating children, providing a workspace, acting as a storage area, or serving as a guest room.

Despite rising house prices, many buyers opt for three bedroom homes with a plan to renovate or add to it in the future. However, it is wiser to build your new home with enough bedrooms from the beginning. Even if you only need two bedrooms right now, we recommend scaling up to three or four in case your circumstances change. 

Multi-functional space

A third bedroom is a versatile space that can be used for anything from a work room to a hobby room, gym, or even an office. In your new home, a third bedroom is a great addition if you want it to hold its value while providing for your future needs. 

Resale value

When choosing between two and three bedroom house designs for a Kiwi home, opting for three may provide a higher long-term capital gain. Three-bedroom homes will remain popular over time, making them a smart investment. Your home will hold its value as well as attract a wider pool of buyers when the time comes to sell.

A wide range of layouts

Due to their popularity, three-bedroom homes often come with a wider variety of styles and layouts. There are more rooms and square meterage to work with so your design team can often customise it to suit your particular needs and tastes. 

Just ask your builder and architect what can be done. To inspire you, we’ve highlighted Genius Home’s 6 most popular three bedroom homes:


Our 102.4 sqm Tasman design has everything homeowners are looking for and is great for entertaining. Key features include open-plan living, large windows, practical sliding doors, and a 39.5 sqm deck wrapping around the living area.

Tasman 3 bedroom prefab

Oxford 3

The 86 sqm Oxford 3 is ideal for your rental accommodation or a family home. Key features include open-plan living, built-in wardrobes, modern appliances, and additional carport or garage options.

Oxford 3 transportable home


The 128 sqm Kyeburn plan has extra width and is designed with floor-to-ceiling windows in the primary bedroom, living space, and second bedroom to maximise natural light and views. 

For privacy and convenience, the master is set apart at one end of the house with an ensuite and spacious walk-in wardrobe.  

Kyeburn Genius Homes prefab


This is our most popular design – and for good reason. The 150 sqm Benmore is a modular U-shaped layout with a private bedroom wing away from the living spaces. The 66.4 sqm deck in the centre creates the ultimate indoor-outdoor flow and the open-plan kitchen, dining, and living are ideal for entertaining. 

Benmore 3 bedroom modular house plan


The 140 sqm Rakaia is great for hosting – no matter the weather. Key features include the spacious open-plan living, wide stacker doors, 38 sqm deck, generous built-in storage, and floor-to-ceiling windows. The primary bedroom also has a private 5.6 sqm deck, ensuite, and a substantial walk-in wardrobe.

3 Bed Rakaia Genius Homes

More prefab house designs

At Genius Homes, we have plenty more house layouts to choose from so browse the full range of 3 bedroom house designs today. 

You’re sure to find one you like and if you want to customise it to suit your needs, we can help you turn your dream home into a reality. Contact us today or download our latest house plans brochure. 

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