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Affordable cladding options with Genius Homes

Want your new build to have kerb appeal without breaking the bank? Are you building farm worker accommodation and looking for a product that ticks all your boxes? 

In this article, we explain how to give your new home the high-quality finish you want while sticking to your budget. For design tips, industry advice, and product recommendations, find everything you need below.

Exterior cladding NZ

Here in New Zealand, we’re no strangers to harsh weather conditions. With torrential rain, snow, hail, and hot sun constantly beating down, the exterior cladding on our homes needs to withstand the elements. 

Exterior cladding materials:

  • Timber and weatherboards

  • Natural stone

  • Brick and brick veneer

  • Aluminium or steel

  • Concrete

Each of these materials offers advantages and drawbacks. While bricks and stone are durable, they dramatically increase the weight of the home and therefore make it unfeasible to transport. On the other hand, timber and metal cladding are generally lightweight and easy to install, bringing the overall price down while still lasting a long time. 

At Genius Homes, we partner with Weathertex and Colorsteel for all of our exterior cladding products. This way, we can offer cost-effective materials that look good and stand the test of time.

Weathertex wall cladding

Australian-owned and operated, Weathertex produces high-quality timber weatherboards. All the timber is sourced from PEFC-certified state forests or managed sources before it is then chipped, pulped, and pressed into shape. This process allows for 3% wax to be added, increasing the water resistance and improving the longevity of the boards. 

The Weathertex range includes Primelok, Selflok and Weathergroove boards which are quick and easy to install.

Primelok weatherboards

The Primelok boards are designed to guarantee a perfect and easy alignment, which reduces installation time by up to 20%. The boards overlap each other by 25mm, concealing the fixings and creating a clean finish.

Selflok weatherboards

With a simple interlocking system, Selflok boards are perfectly aligned with no visible overlap. This creates a smooth, minimal look and significantly reduces installation time. 


We also use Weathergroove, a building panel material by Weathertex, which is favoured by many clients for its wood grain effect. The Woodsman variant, in particular, is highly sought after, as it features a pattern on the board that showcases the knots, curves, and uneven texture of natural timber, accentuating its distinctive qualities.

Weathertex cladding is extremely cost-effective to install as the boards are lightweight and designed for quick placement. Additionally, they last longer than traditional timber, lowering the cost of maintenance and replacement in the long run. 

Colorsteel roofing

Widely known in New Zealand, Colorsteel has been manufacturing high-quality steel roofing for over 40 years. The steel is produced in Auckland using the rich iron sand found on our West Coast, giving it the flexibility, strength, and durability required to protect our homes.

Colorsteel roof materials have been tested at various sites around the country to ensure colour performance and durability. This way, you can have confidence that your roof will still look its best for many years after it’s installed. 

Designed for New Zealand climates

The Colorsteel range is designed to suit certain environmental conditions, so you can choose one based on your building site location. To ensure your warranty is valid, you will need to identify whether your local climate is moderate, severe, very severe, or extremely severe and then choose from the relevant products. 

Inspired by the colours of New Zealand

The Colorsteel products come in a wide variety of colours based on the diverse landscape of New Zealand. Drawing inspiration from natural elements, this roofing material blends seamlessly with the surrounding environment. Some of the most popular roofing colours include: 

  • FlaxPod

  • Slate

  • Ironsand

  • Lichen

  • Karaka

  • Scoria

  • Grey Friars

Roofing profiles

The range of Colorsteel roofing comes in three profiles – corrugated, trapezoidal, and tray. 

Corrugated roofing

Corrugated roofing has been widely used for decades, with a wave-like appearance that creates a nostalgic New Zealand aesthetic.

Trapezoidal roofing

The trapezoidal profile, also known as 5 rib, has a high strength-to-weight ratio while also looking modern and sleek. Unlike the waves on corrugated roofing, the lines are crisp and straight.

Tray roofing

This is one of the most popular roofing techniques for contemporary houses because of its minimalistic design and discreet hardware. See how it looks in this Benmore design. 

Whether you're building a farmhouse, family home, or second dwelling, the exterior cladding is a critical component. 

Here at Genius Homes, you can easily enhance the appearance of your new build home without overspending. With our reputable suppliers, you can trust your chosen cladding to protect your home for decades to come, while also adding to its visual appeal. 

Are you ready to start choosing the colours and finishing touches for your new house? Contact us today, check out our gallery, or browse our renders to see the range of affordable cladding options available. 


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