Building sustainable new build homes

by Genius Homes

Not only in New Zealand but around the world prefab is paving the way to more sustainable homes.  At Genius Homes, we are building a company with this at the core of our values. We aim to build happy, healthy homes for Kiwi families that last long into the future. It’s this forward-planning and belief in building for the future that drives us to make sustainability a core part of how we build our homes.

We believe that we build a better tomorrow, by making changes today. We do this by minimising waste, being innovative in our use of technology and being mindful of the impact we imprint into this world. We focus on looking after the place we all call home. 

As prefabrication construction is our core business building model, we focus on the entire lifespan of our homes by implementing manufacturing processes that reduce waste and promote sustainability as well as design and build homes that are warm, healthy and dry. The materials we use are responsibly sourced and we constantly look for ways to improve both the manufacturing process and the use of energy once our houses become a home.

At Genius Homes we are making changes to create a business that is built for the future, by looking after our future. We seek to achieve this in several key areas:

Reducing carbon footprint with less material waste

Having a prefab home built in a factory also means fewer materials end up in the skip, and excess materials can be stored for the next build. We contain the use of materials in the factory with controlled waste measures. Additional materials are stored, where appropriate, for future use and we continually look for new ways to reduce overall waste and excess throughout the manufacturing process.

Conscious partnerships with like-minded companies

We partner with innovative companies who share our beliefs and who seek to invest in our planet too. Companies such as Weathertex, whose products have a better than zero carbon footprint and sustainably sourced materials, are natural partnerships as we seek to lower our environmental impact.

Reducing the travel required in the building process

Having a prefab house constructed off-site means actual time spent on the build location is significantly shortened. Whereas our homes have only one method to reach their destination our team seek to reduce travel requirements to lower their environmental impact in many other ways during the building process. Building in our factory has instantly reduced the amount of travel time our builders and tradesmen need to spend getting to the build location from the workshop every day, not to mention all the small trips back and forth to fill up on supplies as everything is under one roof. Of course, the prefab house will still require transportation to the building site, but reduced transportation emissions are significant.

This has also stretched to creating an additional office location with dedicated sales personnel to reduce the travel required further.

Sustainable building materials used for an efficiently built home with long-term use in mind

Our timber frames are sustainably sourced from managed forests within New Zealand. Our insulation not only reduces our homeowner’s use of energy but is made from sustainably sourced glasswool from Bradford which uses glass bottles that cannot be recycled to reduce glass waste ending up in the landfill. Our use of double glazing and energy-efficient heat pumps ensures that even when our homes leave our factory, they continue to reduce emissions and minimise waste.

Sustainable building in New Zealand

As with any company, we understand that this is just the beginning of a long journey towards environmental sustainability. Whereas we work hard every day to reduce our global impact and act as advocates for change we know we need to do more. That’s why we will gladly take ideas and recommendations on ways we can support the local economy, while also reducing our environmental impact.

If you are looking to build a new home with a more sustainable outlook then check out our latest product catalogue.

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