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In previous blogs, we've covered the benefits of choosing a home that lends itself to being the ideal income property when you're not using it. By using websites such as Airbnb you can have a second home earn a little extra money when you're not sunning yourself by the beach or hitting the slopes.

We've also mentioned that we have a plan that naturally lends itself to being a ready made income property. The Kingston is a 3 bedroom home with a two-bedroom self-contained annex built onto the side, making perfect for a second income as a standard plan. But few people realise that you can take the concept of a Kingston and apply it to almost any combination of house plans.

House with sleep out

The beauty of a Genius Homes design is its flexibility. By taking a 'main home' design you love and by adding a smaller dwelling from our wide range of 2 bedroom homes or second dwellings you can add an annex that's either fully self-contained to be used for income generation or has an interconnecting door for a family member.

For example, you can add a Cottage 1 to almost any larger home as seen in the example below. The added benefit is that you're not creating a brand new design, which requires architects, planning and a custom quote. Instead, you're combining two well-defined plans, saving tens of thousands of dollars in design fees. By taking two compatible designs and merging them you create something that's ideal for your needs while being as cost-effective as possible.

Small houses to rent outLet us explore a few other options where people have taken the concept of merging two separate designs into one to create the best of both worlds. Here are a few other examples of houses that have merged to create a new but cost-effective design.

Self-contained sanctuary

House plan with self contained unitThe above plan combines a Tarras and a Cottage 1 to form a plan that offers full comfort in the main residence without compromise. The main 2 bedroom home has the modern convenience of a walk-in wardrobe and ensuite with a full kitchen and family bathroom while the annex offers a more simplified living space.

This homeowner has the option to rent both out to different guests at the same time, take over the main residence while renting the annex or take over both to give relatives or older children their own space. If managing multiple visitors isn't your thing then you could have long-term tenants in the smaller unit and enjoy a regular passive income.

The large main home

House with self-contained flat attachedThe plan above features the same smaller annex but attaches it to a much larger 3 bedroom home. It's worth noting that the orientation of both houses could be changed to allow for internal access to the annex if required. This is a popular option when the annex is used as an Airbnb as this enables easier access for cleaning between guests and is also popular if the annex is to be used for an elderly relative. They benefit from being able to integrate with the main household whilst maintaining their privacy.

As you can see you can create some very personal designs simply by adding two of our standard plans together. We can ship these as though they were two separate homes and connect them on-site to minimise disruption. This also means you end up with the benefits of two private living areas all under the single consent - perfect for a separate space for a family member or income stream with minimal fuss!

Building with income in mind ensures that you not only have a place to live, but provides a great long-term investment. Talk to one of our specialists today to discuss the potential for your next Genius Home to include the positives of two dwellings without the hassle! 


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