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Building a holiday home in the South Island of New Zealand

Whether you’re an international traveller or a domestic tourist the South Island of New Zealand has touched the heart and imagination of everyone that visits. The imposing Alps, enigmatic fjords, enchanting coastline and famous southern hospitality all make it the place where dreams come to life. Almost any visit to this wondrous place is too short, which is why thousands always seem to return.

Average South Island house prices

Several popular spots in the South Island are the second-home destinations of the wealthy. Queenstown’s average house price is $1,385,848 (as of June 2021) which is a 13.8% increase on June 2020. And it’s not just the tourism hub of the South that’s seen marked increases. The Kaikoura District has seen a 13.0% increase over the previous year with an average house price of $597,170.

But to those living in Auckland, Wellington or from overseas these prices seem low and do not mean the dream of a house in paradise is out of reach. If the ideal home doesn’t exist yet then building is a very attractive option. 

This can all seem quite daunting especially if you’re trying to manage the entire build process from out of the region. From finding the land, architect, project manager and the right builder as well as handling any issues that may arise.

Considerations for building in the South Island

There are also a lot of regional considerations which an Auckland or Wellington-based architect might not be aware of when designing your dream home down South. Homes designed to be built within the International Dark Sky Reserve must have all their external lighting fitted as downlights to avoid contributing to light pollution. Many regions have strict colour and material restrictions so houses are sympathetic to the natural environment which so defines the region.

Expensive mistakes and challenges in getting consent and approvals can be easily avoided by using local experts. A designer that knows what you can and can’t do, a manufacturer that uses materials sympathetic to the surrounding area and a team that deal with local Councils on a daily basis.

That’s where Genius Homes can help. Having built countless homes and holiday homes across the South Island of New Zealand we can work with you to create the perfect house design, customise it to suit your individual taste and have it delivered and installed to your section. We handle the consents and the entire project from design to handing over the keys meaning you can rest assured that your dream home is in safe hands.

You can use our dream home finder to find your perfect plan or use it to get some inspiration. Use an existing design or merge features from different homes to create your dream design. You can even book a consultation with a specialist.

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