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Why prefab homes are perfect for holiday homes

Holiday home, bach or hideaway, whatever you call it, it likely triggers a similar nostalgic feeling for kiwis New Zealand wide. It’s the place holiday memories are made. The place to de-stress and get away from it all. At its very core, the purpose of a holiday home is to relax and enjoy yourself, so why shouldn’t the process of building your ideal holiday home be exactly the same?

There are plenty of benefits to choosing a new build for your family holiday home and if you want that process to be as smooth and stress-free as possible, why not consider a prefab home?

In this post, we look at the perks of a new build and why choosing a prefabricated house could be your best bet when creating your dream holiday home.

Benefits of building a holiday home

When it comes to sourcing the perfect holiday home, unique to you and your family, a new build is a great option to consider. By choosing to build a holiday home, you can customise it to perfectly to suit your holiday needs and hobbies. Whether you’re carving up the rugged mountain slopes, water skiing shimmering lakes, or simply soaking up the views with a cold one in hand all summer long, you need your holiday home to reflect your activities and holiday style of choice.

A new build allows you to add unique features to your home, whether that be large windows welcoming in idyllic views, exceptional indoor-outdoor flow, a separate mudroom or external laundry entrance for trudging in snow boots or sandy feet. The choice is up to you! 

A new house with modern, high-quality joinery will also provide an added layer of security compared to that of an older home. This will give you the confidence to safely lock-and-leave for long periods throughout the year knowing all external openings are extra secure.

It’s no secret that battling the harsh South Island weather is no easy feat. Your holiday home should keep you snug and warm throughout the colder months but cool and ventilated all summer long. A new build will guarantee a high quality, well insulated and properly ventilated home for your family to enjoy. This is especially important for holiday homes that are unoccupied for long periods to ensure the house stays healthy and weather-tight all year round. 

Remote Holiday homesAnd not to mention the easy maintenance a new home offers! A humble abode to spend your time relaxing and having fun is what makes a good holiday home. Don’t spend your time off repainting old and weathered paint jobs or making repairs. A holiday is your time to enjoy, so put aside any extravagant upkeep worries with a brand new, low maintenance home.

Consider renting out your holiday home during the year to make a bit of extra income. A newly built prefab home is an attractive accommodation option for holidayers. Renting out your new prefab on sites like Book a Bach or Airbnb is a great way to supplement your income. Even now with the current tourism focus being so strongly on domestic travel many kiwis are looking to scratch that travel itch by exploring new areas of this great country.

If you’re after all these new-build benefits and more, consider taking that one step further to make the experience as easy and stress-free as possible by choosing a prefab home. Since prefabs are factory built, the entire process is tightly controlled and secure. This means budgets and timeframes are better adhered to, saving you money, time and eliminating the unwanted stress, onsite issues and weather dramas that a regular build can bring. You’ll know exactly what to expect and exactly when you’ll be able to book your first bach holiday before the process has even begun!

Prefab homes for remote locations

With holiday homes serving as a haven away from the hustle and bustle of it all they’re your chance to escape and reconnect with nature. People swarm towards idyllic destinations boasting mountains, lakes or beaches, depending on their outdoor hobby of choice. With options galore in the South Island, it’s no wonder it holds many of New Zealand's most favourite holiday destinations.

Whether your dream holiday home is tucked beneath a mountain, in a secluded bay, or nestled amongst the trees, it’s likely your location of choice is fairly remote. This is often a major difficulty people face when looking to build a brand new holiday home. Many builders could be put off building in such a remote location and will add travel time to their overall quote. This can be problematic if your holiday spot is far from the nearest town. With the majority of the build process for a prefab home taking place in a factory and then simply being transported to the site, prefabrication provides an easier build process than that of a typical new build or kitset and allows you to tackle even the most difficult of sites.

This makes for a more sustainable building process as there is less on-site waste, less travel and minimal disruptions to your picture-perfect South Island environment that only need to occur during the transportation and set-up stage rather than throughout the entire build process.

Prefab home deliveryGenius homes is able to transport homes to many secluded South Island destinations. Tight or steep sites inaccessible for regular building companies may be possible with a prefab home and the talented Genius Homes team. If you’re worried about access to your site, consider one of our prefabs suitable for especially difficult spots or book a free, no obligation site inspection today to discuss your options

Convenient building process

Regardless of whether your holiday site is located in an easy to reach destination or not, it’s likely the site will not be in close proximity to your home base. Due to this alone, a smooth build process with a short, controlled and trusted build process will make your life so much easier. You don’t want to be travelling every other week checking in on the building site, and dealing with unfamiliar local consent and approval challenges or trying to source contractors and supplies from small, hard to reach towns.

You need someone you can trust and when it comes to the South Island, we’re your local experts! We know the ins and outs of what can and can not be done, have trusted labourers and suppliers and deal with local councils daily. We’ll send you regular updates and photos so you can be rest assured your build is in safe hands. 

Prefab holiday home designs

At Genius Homes we have several great holiday home designs to suit your needs. From small 1 bedroom units to big spacious dwellings to fit the whole family, the choice is yours. 

For a practical, low maintenance 1 bedroom holiday home check out the Horizon, or the Kiwi (pictured below) if you’re after something with more of a modern aesthetic. You can customise the exterior colour and cladding to have the design suit your local surroundings and your personal tastes.

Tiny homes nz

Or if you’re after a classic bach style home, check out Cottage 2 (pictured below) or Oxford 2 as a perfect 2 bedroom family package for fitting in the kids or a few extra guests! With a good-sized living area, the fun doesn’t need to stop when the activities end.

Bach design nz

For a bigger family-focused home perfect for entertaining, showing off South Island views, and having separate, sound-proofed living and bedrooms check out the Cardrona (pictured below). As a statement home, this one ticks all the boxes. 

Holiday homes design

Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly cabin for the holidays or a cosy retreat for those weekend getaways we have a prefabricated home design to suit your needs. Many feature separate laundry rooms as standard and decks can be extended to create excellent indoor-outdoor flow.

If you have a rough idea of the features you’re after, but don’t want to trawl through pages and pages of designs then use our Dream Home Finder to quickly discover the house plans that meet your needs. Simply pick your favourite, customise it to suit your holiday needs and then leave the rest to us! To talk more about a prefab home for your holiday home, bach or hideaway, talk to a member of our friendly team today.


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