Pros and cons of a prefab house

by geniushomes

Prefabricated homes have many benefits and few downsides, which is good but when you're looking at investing in a home it's great to know both sides of the coin. In this article we'll explore both the benefits, and the drawbacks to choosing a prefab home.

Benefits of a prefab house

  1. They're built inside a warehouse minimising the exposure to wind, rain and chill which means less fatigue on the wooden internal frame.
  2. Because they're built inside the builders aren't rained off, so they can be built to a defined schedule.
  3. Every element of the build can be tightly controlled so there are no cost overruns.
  4. They're customisable so you can add a personal touch or change the layout. Don't like the roof? Don't worry, it can be changed.
  5. Delivered to your site, which means less mess on your land and you avoid the disruption of having trades and deliveries to your location.
  6. Like an on-site build you can come and see progress at any time.
  7. Any new build reduces the chance of drafts, leaks and general discomfort but our houses come with hassle-free guarantees
  8. Our house prices include everything you'll need for a warm, snugly home. From carpets to heat pumps the price we quote includes it all.
  9. Gone are the days that prefab looks 'samey'. You can change window locations, exterior cladding and more to create your dream home.
  10. They're built modular so you can change an entire floor plan if you want.
  11. Basically, you get all the glamour and customisation you'd expect from a kitset but it's built indoors so there's none of the cost increases.
  12. Garages and carports can be added to your plan. Just because it's not on the design doesn't mean it can be included!

Downsides of a prefab house

  1. Unlike a transportable home these are considered permanent once fixed to the foundations so you're not buying a mobile home.
  2. It can sometimes be more challenging for some people to get a mortgage for a prefabricated home, working with a mortgage advisor will help assess your individual circumstances.
  3. The price rarely includes connection to facilities but this will be included in a full quote.
  4. Transport is an additional cost, something that kitset houses include as materials are delivered on site. Transport prices can range from $3,000 to $20,000 depending on your location.
  5. The final downside is that the houses are built so quickly you won't have long to plan your housewarming party!

Every route you take towards building a house has its upsides and downsides. The pros and cons of a prefab house are limited because so much can be controlled. For those that like the stress of managing a kitset or self-build project a prefabricated home really isn't for you.

If, however, you're over the uncertainty of cost and move in date then prefab may be the perfect option.

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