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Why Choose Genius Home

Why choose Genius Homes

Genius Homes is a family owned, New Zealand building firm with many years of combined experience amongst our qualified staff and management team.

Founded in 2010 Genius Homes was born from a passion to see more New Zealanders in affordable, healthy and practical homes.  Genius Homes built it's first prefabricated home from a factory in 2010 with a team of only 3 people.  Back then the company produced 27 in its first year.

Now Genius Homes employs over 50 people and has delivered hundreds of homes from the Timaru based factory.

Over the years Genius Homes has designed and built houses for a wide range of people.  From first home owners to farmers looking to house their workers and large commercial projects.  With so many years of experience at your disposal it's always worth speaking to the Genius Homes team before you build your dream home.

Our Guarantee

Quality Workmanship

Genius Homes guarantee their workmanship and materials. All stages of the building process are completed in our factory environment under strict supervision to ensure your new home is built to the highest quality standards.

Our buildings are engineer designed with a strong steel sub-frame and high quality timber framing to ensure they exceed NZ building code requirements. With a 50 year steel frame structure warranty.


Quality Materials

Genius Homes use high quality materials from trusted, well known brands such as Colorsteel, Weathertex, Godfrey Hirst, Earthwool and Gib. Building your new home in a controlled environment on our production line is faster than traditional on site building methods and safer. We are also able to pass on to you fantastic discounts due to the volume of houses we do and our bulk buying agreements with suppliers.


24 Months Maintenance Free

When you purchase a new home from Genius, our superior service doesn’t end once you have the keys in your hand; we provide you with a 24 month Maintenance Guarantee as extra peace of mind whilst you settle into your new home.

We are very confident of our superior designs & we ensure thorough quality inspections are made & any queries you have are addressed. The Genius Quality Assurance team are available to assist you.

Our Team

Kingsley Smith

Kingsley Smith

Sales and Marketing Director

Sam Genius Homes

Sam Macfarlane

Homes Consultant

Nick Warnes | Sales Consultant Genius Homes

Nick Warnes

Homes Consultant

Tommy Fairbrother-1-1

Tommy Fairbrother

Internal Sales Consultant

Alison - Homes consultant

Alison Radford

Homes Consultant – Specifications

Jerome Pye - Project Delivery Manager Genius Homes

Jerome Pye

Project Delivery Manager

Richard van Lokver

Richard Van Lokver

Project Delivery Manager

Dylan Jefferis

Dylan Jefferis

Production Coordinator

Ash Campbell-1

Ash Campbell

Operations Support

Scott Ivey – Building Team Leader Genius Homes

Scott Ivey

Quality Assurance

Madeleine Roberts - Drafting Technician Genius Homes

Madeleine Roberts

Drafting Technician

Daniel Villalba

Daniel Villalba

Drafting Technician

Bernice Kilkelly -QS & Purchasing Genius Homes

Bernice Kilkelly

QS & Purchasing

Beatrice Rountree

Beatrice Rountree

Sales and Design Support

Ginny Amies - Finance Administrator - Genius Homes

Ginny Amies

Finance Administrator

Emily Walker

Emily Walker

Accounts Administrator

Michelle Christie – Assistant Accountant Genius Homes

Michelle Christie

Assistant Accountant

Brandon Smith - Business Development Genius Homes

Brandon Smith

Business Development

Gary Lyne

Gary Lyne

Supply Chain Manager

Rangi Kihi

Rangi Kihi

Build Lead Foreman

Interested in joining our team?

Lifemark Accredited

About Lifemark - the independent Certification for adaptability and accessibility standards in your home

All over the world people are changing the way they are designing their homes so that they will work for everyone. There is a global movement focused on developing home design features for our changing and aging population.

In New Zealand this Universal Design movement is represented by Lifemark, a seal of approval which is endorsed by Lifetime Design Limited. Lifetime Design Limited is a registered charity established by CCS Disability Action with assistance from the Ministry of Social Development. Its goal is to foster and promote design standards that work for people right across life’s ages and abilities - from young families to older and disabled people.

A Lifemark certified home is a home that includes smart and intelligent design features that meet the needs of people of different ages and abilities and that avoid barriers that may discriminate against people living in or visiting the home. Lifemark homes are designed to be usable by most people over their lifetime without the need for major adaptation in the future.

Lifemark certification has been driven by a need to provide appropriate housing for everybody. The five Lifemark design principles of usability, adaptability, accessibility, safety and lifetime value benefit all people. For example, in a Lifemark certified home it is easier to manoeuvre prams, easier to carry shopping bags and easier for people with a physical disability or temporary injury to get around independently.

So if you are a family with infants, toddlers or young children, or you have sustained an injury that impacts your mobility like a broken leg or back injury, or you are enjoying your later years in life but your mobility is deserting you, then a house certified by Lifemark will serve your needs.

The Lifemark seal helps the home buyer choose between homes based on how appropriate they are for their current and future needs. The Product Partner program helps identify products and services that align to the Lifemark principles.

Building Process

What's different?


Faster construction & great value

Our innovative building process helps save time & money with the efficient use of materials and tradesmen at our factory production line. This is how we can offer you the benefits of superior quality, faster build times, and great value for money.


Factory built quality

Constant supervision means that quality is assured, all trade work is carried out professionally to high standards and according to a schedule. There are no weather delays and the qualified & experienced Genius trademen are all onsite so there's no travel time involved.


The Genius 6 step building process:

1. Discuss & understand your needs

Genius Homes have qualified & experienced staff that can help with designing your new home. We'll explain our building methods to you, and show you through our Genius Homes production line. You can tell us about your site and which prefab design (and options) you'd like to choose for your new home. 


2. Proposal & Design Sign-off

Next step is to do a preliminary proposal with CAD renderings based on your design choices. At Genius Homes we go over every detail with you carefully to make sure that your new home is exactly what you want.


3. Colour selection & Council Consents

At this stage Genius will make any amendments required to your proposal and send you out samples and colour swatches for fittings such as floor coverings, handles, paints, Colorsteel etc. 

Once the proposal is confirmed & contract signed we will submit the necessary documents to councils and keep you in touch all the way. Since Genius Homes are prefabricated in our factory the building consent process is easier for most projects.


4. Construction & Inspection

Your new home is constructed in our production line to the highest industry standards. Genius Homes feature a steel sub-frame that makes them strong and transportable. All Genius Homes are inspected regularly during the construction process and we send you regular photos and progress reports. Take a look at our Standard Inclusions page for some details about what's included with Genius Homes.


5. Internal Fit-Out & Inspection

Once the roof and walls are up, lined with Gib and painted, your new homes interior is fitted out completely with kitchen & bathroom, colour and fittings options as well as all plumbing and electrical fittings ready to be hooked up onsite. All aspects of the building and fit-out are inspected before the house leaves our factory.


6. Site Works & Delivery

Genius Homes aims to complete siteworks once the home has landed within 20 working days. Most of the site works are carried out before the house is delivered. Once the house is on site the Genius team will connect it to the services, add decks, baseboards, carports and any other extras you have chosen. Once the house is ready and you've inspected it with our Site Manager, it's time for handover – and life in your new Genius Home begins.


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