Why choose prefab if you are considering building a new home?

by Genius Homes

Prefab homes enable savvy home buyers to build their dream home in a quick, efficient and cost-effective manner. The unique build process that a prefab home goes through enables it to have a more controlled workflow, for costs to be very tightly controlled and for delivery to be speedy and less disruptive for your build site.

House prices are fairly high at the moment, and the cost of land can put many people off building a brand new home. What many people don't know is that the low cost of a new prefab home can actually enable a new home builder to have house and land at the same price as an existing home.

Prefab homes can be an 'off-the-shelf' product, for those looking for the quickest and easiest homes available. But for someone looking for a unique design prefab homes can deliver a design that screams 'custom'.

So if you're looking for a brand new, affordable home as quickly and efficiently as possible - with all the modern luxuries then look no further!

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Why prefab homes?

  • High Quality thanks to the factory built process
  • Time efficient - faster than traditional home builds
  • Protected from weather damage during build
  • More home for your money!
  • Future-proofed with high quality materials
  • No unexpected costs - especially if working on a budget

Why Genius Home?

  • Options are vast
  • Designs to suit the southern lifestyle
  • Free site visit anywhere in the South Island
  • Decades of experience building prefab homes
  • Houses for farms available
  • Tailored solutions for holiday parks and rentals
  • Unique floor plans and custom designs

The sweet spot of home ownership for many is a great, modern home with enough space for entertaining, family life and guests with high build quality and a range of style options to make it unique. All of this at as cheap a price as possible and delivered quickly and with minimal stress.

prefab homes - good - fast - cheap

It seems like an impossible ask! However The building industry's 'triangle' clearly shows that sacrifices have to be made. But with prefab houses, the sacrifices are few and far between.

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