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Why choose prefab if you are building a new home?

Building a new house brings a whole host of decisions, big and small. When it comes to choosing which building method to use, your choice has a big impact on the entire process, including the outcome. 

With options for an onsite construction and various forms of offsite manufacturing (OSM), there are plenty of building methods available in New Zealand. In this article, we explore the advantages of a new build prefab home so that you can decide if it is the best option for you.   

The offsite manufacturing process

Increasingly, the term ‘offsite manufacturing’ is being used to refer to any building elements that are made away from the final building site and then delivered. Prefab houses are a type of offsite manufacturing because the majority of the house is built in a controlled factory environment before being transported to its final destination. 

For most of the prefab building process, the factory conditions are consistent and predictable, making it a far more productive construction method than the conventional onsite approach.

The advantages of building prefab homes

Opting for an offsite manufacturing method such as prefab is a step in the right direction. To get a taste for what prefabs offer, here are some of the key advantages: 

Customisable house plan designs 

In the past, prefab homes have been characterised as boxy and shapeless but things have changed. Now, the range of prefab house plans is seemingly endless – just find a design you like or customise them to suit your personal tastes.

Samples and SwatchesEfficient build process

Off-site construction can reduce the build time by 60% by avoiding weather-related delays and allowing the tradespeople to move with accuracy and efficiency. At Genius Homes, your home will be built in an average of 10 weeks once it has entered our production line. 

Durable and high-quality materials

Don’t be fooled by the speed of the prefab process – they are just as solid and dependable as a conventionally built house. While traditional construction sites are subjected to harsh conditions that make them vulnerable to mould, mildew, and rust, a prefab home is kept dry and contained until it is weather tight. Also built with high-quality materials, prefab homes are built to last.

Sustainable construction

While onsite construction requires more travel emissions from tradespeople and often creates more wasted materials, building a prefab is considerably more environmentally friendly. The central location of the factory keeps emissions to a minimum, with only a short period of travel to site during installation and handover. Additionally, working in a factory allows builders to store excess materials and reduce waste. 

Affordable new home

By streamlining the construction process, prefab homes are typically more affordable than traditional methods. In fact, with no hidden costs, fewer delays, and greatly reduced labor time, building your house this way can save you 15%. With Genius Homes, you can even get prefab financing through our exclusive partnership with BNZ. 

Cost-effective, quick, and quality

There is a well-known theory that says there is no product that combines equal measures of affordability, speed, and quality. However, prefab construction flips that on its head. By removing all the obstacles of onsite construction, prefabs offer a high-speed, low-cost method of building without compromising quality. Given New Zealand's housing shortages and population growth, this is a no-brainer. 

Ideal situations for a prefab build

If you’re still not sure whether to choose a prefab, below are some of the scenarios the offsite approach suits best: 

First home buyers 

If you’re in search of a family home or nest egg, a prefab home is a great way to get your piece of the property market. This hasn’t been the case previously, but with Genius Homes, you can now get financing even if you don’t have equity from an existing property. If you have a deposit saved up, just enquire about how we can help

Second dwelling

Whether it’s a guesthouse or an opportunity for additional income, a second dwelling on your property is a great way to add value. By minimising the disruption to your home and avoiding the usual construction stress, a prefab home is the way to go. If you are looking for a small, self-contained unit, the sleek 1-bedroom Kiwi design will fit in perfectly. If you need a little extra space, try the Oxford 2 or 3-bedroom

Farm accommodation 

For farmers wanting to add practical farm accommodation, a prefab is the ideal solution. With fewer disruptions to your business, and an easy, cost-effective process, the prefab method is a clear winner. At Genius Homes, we work with farmers all over the South Island to install a range of farm accommodation – from 4-bedroom homes to multi-unit staff quarters. 

Genius Homes prefabs

On top of the efficiency, affordability, and high quality that the prefab method brings, choosing Genius Homes brings a hassle-free experience. 

We provide free site visits, tailored solutions, full project management, council consent administration, and regular progress updates. On top of that, all of our homes are designed and purpose-built for South Island conditions. 

The prefab homes process

Offsite manufacturing is all about delivering your new home while making the process as simple and easy as possible. Each new project is broken into 6 straightforward steps: 

  1. Consultation and planning
  2. Proposal and design finalisation
  3. Colour selection and council consent
  4. Factory construction 
  5. Internal fitout 
  6. Delivery and site work

At Genius Homes, we are committed to offering our customers the best construction journey. Speak with our team today for more building advice or to book your free site visit. From there we can begin the exciting process of designing, building, and delivering your new prefab home. To see our full range of prefabricated homes, check out our latest product catalogue.

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