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How customisable is a prefab home?

Many people believe that buying prefab homes from a plan means many of the design features are set in stone beyond interior paint and carpet colours.

In many cases there are significant limitations depending on the company. Instead of labouring on how difficult it can be to work with some businesses we'll simply say how it is with Genius Homes and then you can work out what's best for you.

All Genius Homes modern prefab plan options come with a list of standard inclusions. By choosing those you'll have a house you can move into for the price of the house. With the exception of transport and connecting the house to utilities there's no additional expenses. You can request a quote for any of our houses via the website.

If you don't want standard then there are a whole heap of optional customisable prefab home extras to choose from.

Roof | Prefab Customisation 

You can select a different roof style of you wish. Mono pitch and split pitch are really modern looking choices while gable is a bit more traditional.

Windows | Prefab Customisation

If you don't like a traditional window style then feel free to ask for something a bit different. Quite a few people like to maximise their views by choosing floor to ceiling windows, or to increase the indoor outdoor flow by choosing sliding doors in places like bedrooms. While all Genius Homes windows come double glazed, it's also possible to upgrade to thermally broken low-E and argon gas options too for additional warmth, sound-proofing and ventilation. 

Verandah | Prefab Customisation 

Customisable house designYou might like the idea of a deck but fancy a bit of shelter. We have the options of being able to add a verandah to many of our house designs. Even if you don't see one on the design you like make sure you ask to see if we can include one for you.

Exterior | Prefab Customisation 

You can change the exterior of your home by either going for a paint colour that's more you or by changing the cladding options. From weatherboard to cedar, you can make a house look like it was architecturally-designed simply by changing the cladding or colour.

Entertaining | Prefab Customisation 

The outdoor area is an important feature of any kiwi house. Some of our house designs include a deck, and the dimensions for that deck are included in our brochure and on the website. However it's no trouble if you'd like to extend that deck size or change the material to a more premium type of wood, such as kwila, to enhance the outdoor space. 

Interior | Prefab Customisation

There is a wide range of paint and carpet colour options and even though each of our houses have standard fittings and fixtures, you're able to choose your own to add personal style. Here the range of options is truly vast so make sure you ask about ways to upgrade or tweak places like the kitchen and bathroom to suit you.

Our plans are more of a guideline than a set way of building your dream home. We have set designs and standard inclusions so you can get off the ground and into your home as soon as possible. But for those people that want to use a modern, prefabricated home built quickly and at a lower cost than many kitset or traditional houses, we have a range of options to suit.

Contact us today by clicking below to see how we can help make your dream home a reality.

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