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May 2 2022

Considering adding a second dwelling?

Are you thinking about adding a granny flat or sleepout to your section? Maybe you seek the solace of a separate space for young adults, a guest house or a...

Mar 16 2022

How to grow your accommodation business

With the New Zealand Government announcing in February 2022 that borders are staged to open, it looks as though life may be returning to normal after all - and...

Mar 9 2022

Building a passive income with a 2nd dwelling

Building a second dwelling on your property offers a myriad of benefits and opportunities. If you’re in a position to add a second or even third home to your...

Nov 4 2021

Property Investing: 5 reasons prefab homes are ideal property investments

Amidst rapidly increasing house prices, property shortages, competitive offers, and recent government initiatives tightening investment restrictions, the...

Aug 13 2021

South Island housing in numbers

When the Covid-19 pandemic originally hit New Zealand in early 2020, it upended elements of the housing market with changes to realestate buying and selling...

Jun 2 2021

Why property is the ultimate long-term investment

There are a number of reasons why some investments perform better than others. But in this article, we’re going to focus on property in particular, and why it...

Feb 17 2021

South Island house and land packages: Things to know

With demand continuing to outweigh supply in the New Zealand property market, we see house prices at an all time high. As a result, many potential buyers are...

Apr 13 2020

Why a prefab rental property is a good investment

Owning a rental property in addition to your primary residence can be an excellent way for you to build personal wealth, attract a passive income and set...

Jan 22 2020

Building a holiday home in the South Island of New Zealand

Whether you’re an international traveller or a domestic tourist the South Island of New Zealand has touched the heart and imagination of everyone that visits....

Jan 22 2020

Building for home and income

In previous blogs, we've covered the benefits of choosing a home that lends itself to being the ideal income property when you're not using it. By using...

Oct 21 2019

5 reasons to build a holiday home

Building a holiday home anywhere can seem like a frivolous and luxurious endeavour. The reality of saying that you have a holiday home in Tekapo, or a bach by...

Jun 17 2019

Building a home with income in mind

The rise of Airbnb and Bookabach has encouraged many Kiwis to consider house designs that open up the possibility of gaining additional income, without...

Aug 21 2017

How to increase revenue with vineyard accommodation

We've already looked at how tourism in New Zealand, and particular the South Island, is on the rise with domestic and international tourists in our latest blog.

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