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Sep 19 2021

5 things you need to know when building a prefab home

With so many different options available in the construction industry, the decision to build a new home is not a small one and there are lots of different...

Aug 30 2021

Most common house plan upgrades

When building a new home, balancing your specific indulgent wants and practical needs within your budget can often be a juggling act. While all of our...

Jul 28 2021

Prefab house designs for difficult site access

With available land in New Zealand becoming increasingly scarce, it’s common for those who are interested in building a home to compromise on their ‘ideal...

May 20 2021

Discover the new house designs for 2021

Alongside the launch of the latest Genius Homes product catalogue comes the exciting introduction of two new house designs to add to the growing range of...

Mar 29 2021

How to pick the perfect house plan

Building a home is a big life decision and an investment that you want to get right. Whether you’re planning your first family home, a second dwelling, a...

Jun 29 2020

Luxury Prefab House Designs

At Genius Homes we’re continually looking at ways to push the boundaries of home prefabrication. To highlight this we have created a new series of homes...

Sep 25 2019

Our favourite home designs for summer

It might be hard to believe given the current weather but summer is just around the corner. For many this means firing up the BBQ, dusting off the backyard...

Jul 18 2019

Genius Homes cladding options

It protects, defines and inspires. Offering immediate curb appeal and influencing the style of your home. Yet cladding is often a footnote in the list of...

Jun 19 2019

Top tips on how to create the right floorplan for your new home

Deciding on the best home layout can be a daunting task. There are people that want to maximise their design to benefit from a second income and there are...

Mar 22 2019

Introducing the Genius Homes Fast Prefab Homes!

Everyone knows that prefab homes are fast. Fast to construct, fast to build, and of course fast to install. Lucky for you, here at Genius Homes our...

Feb 25 2019

Large prefab homes - when size really does matter!

As life changes so can the requirements placed on the family home. Whether it's more rooms for children, or space for guests, having a large modern home can...

Dec 12 2018

The ultimate floor plans for entertaining

Summer is coming and that means thoughts drift towards BBQs, backyard cricket and a few drinks with friends as the evening slips into night. From sunny days...

Nov 27 2018

Introducing our new prefab house designs

Design trends keep evolving and as new styles emerge we seek to deliver modern designs to meet evolving fashions. It's not just a new-look website that...

Jul 25 2018

3 Bedroom house designs

3 bedroom houses are growing in popularity across New Zealand. Simple online search data shows the average amount of times '3 bedroom house' was typed into...

Jun 25 2018

Top tips on keeping your home warm this winter

As the cold sets in the house could be getting a little chilly. Whether you're feeling the freeze a little more at night or if a string wind really brings...

Jan 15 2018

5 unmissable prefab house design trends

We're kicking off the year with a look at the prefab home design trends that we're predicting will grow in popularity in the coming 12 months. Prefab homes...

Jun 27 2017

How customisable is a prefab home?

Many people believe that buying prefab homes from a plan means many of the design features are set in stone beyond interior paint and carpet colours.

Nov 10 2016

Planning your new kitchen with Genius Homes

When you buy a new Genius Home, the kitchen on your plan can be customised to suit what you want. Together we help you to turn this space into the heart of...

Aug 21 2016

Our most popular new home designs

Genius Homes have a great range of designs for your new home. Today we're going to show you our 4 most popular prefab house designs; Taieri, Oxford 3, ...

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