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Jul 22 2021

Where do Genius Homes deliver?

Prefabricated homes and transportable homes are becoming a popular choice worldwide for those building new due to the many benefits they deliver, including...

Jun 24 2021

What are Genius Homes’ most frequently asked questions?

Over the years we have been delivering homes to families all over the South Island of New Zealand and many have had some great questions during the process....

May 20 2021

Discover the new house designs for 2021

Alongside the launch of the latest Genius Homes product catalogue comes the exciting introduction of two new house designs to add to the growing range of...

Apr 21 2021

Pros and cons of a prefab house

Whether you're ready to upsize your home, retire, invest or get onto the property ladder, the process of building a new house can be daunting. It’s important...

Jan 27 2021

Understanding house plans

Being presented with a floor plan for the first time can feel like you’re reading something that has been written in another language, leaving you overwhelmed...

Dec 21 2020

Our favourite prefab home projects from 2020

As 2020 comes to a close, we are sure many of you are looking forward to welcoming in the new year. Even though this year hasn’t been without its challenges,...

Jun 22 2020

Genius Homes customers enjoying their homes

Over the past decade in the prefabricated building business, we have delivered new houses all over the South Island. We recently decided to run a photo...

Apr 2 2020

The Genius Homes building process explained

Building a new home is a lengthy process. Even though prefab is considered as 'quick' by most building standards it still takes a few months, which can seem...

Mar 3 2020

Building sustainable new build homes

Not only in New Zealand but around the world prefab is paving the way to more sustainable homes.  At Genius Homes, we are building a company with this at the...

Dec 18 2019

Our favourite prefab home projects from 2019

As the year comes to a close we have asked various members of the team to choose their favourite projects from 2019. From the small to the large they've found...

Jul 18 2019

Genius Homes cladding options

It protects, defines and inspires. Offering immediate curb appeal and influencing the style of your home. Yet cladding is often a footnote in the list of...

May 20 2019

Standard inclusions on your Genius Home

Embarking on the journey of building your dream home can be very exciting. It may also come with a lot of questions. The team at Genius Homes are with you...

May 20 2019

How are prefab houses made?

Prefabricated homes have risen hugely in popularity among developers, architects, investors, landowners and, with the announcement of Westpac's new prefab home...

Mar 22 2019

Introducing the Genius Homes Fast Prefab Homes!

Everyone knows that prefab homes are fast. Fast to construct, fast to build, and of course fast to install. Lucky for you, here at Genius Homes our...

Nov 27 2018

Introducing our new prefab house designs

Design trends keep evolving and as new styles emerge we seek to deliver modern designs to meet evolving fashions. It's not just a new-look website that we're...

Nov 12 2017

Stress-free building with Genius Homes

Building a new home can be a massively stressful undertaking. Organising builders, logistics, the mounting bills and the ever drifting delivery date all add up...

Jul 27 2017

The benefits of downsizing your home

Downsizing your family home can present several advantages but can also deliver a new challenge, and one that many people struggle to deal with.

Nov 10 2016

Planning your new kitchen with Genius Homes

When you buy a new Genius Home, the kitchen on your plan can be customised to suit what you want. Together we help you to turn this space into the heart of...

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