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Mar 17 2021

Build or buy a new home?

Whether you're looking for a first home or an investment property, there are many tough decisions to make when exploring the property market. One choice in...

Feb 24 2021

Most common house plan upgrades

With so many choices on offer, deciding what upgrades to go with for your new home can be overwhelming. From creating a kitchen your friends will envy to...

Feb 17 2021

South Island house and land packages: Things to know

With demand continuing to outweigh supply in the New Zealand property market, we see house prices at an all time high. As a result, many potential buyers...

Jan 27 2021

How much does a new home cost in 2021?

Houses have shot up in price dramatically over the past 5 years. In fact, according to Canstar in 2016 the national average price to build a new home was...

Oct 7 2020

How to save money when building a brand new house

There is no denying that New Zealand is currently in the grips of a housing crisis. With more people looking for a home than ever before, and a limited...

Aug 12 2020

How much does it cost to build a house?

When deciding if building a new home is the right choice for you, the most crucial question, and often the deciding factor is how much it is going to cost....

Jul 26 2020

South Island housing in numbers

The Covid-19 pandemic upended elements of the New Zealand housing market changing the marketplace nearly overnight. The national lockdown slowed down both...

Oct 25 2018

How prefab homes are helping change New Zealand's housing crisis

There has been a lot of news and comments in the media around prefab homes and Kiwi build, which is a part of the Government's affordable housing programme....

Mar 13 2018

Thinking of building a home? What are your options?

Building a home is a massive decision. One that is both exciting, and nerve-wracking at the same time! Once you have chatted to a mortgage broker, or bank...

Nov 12 2017

The hidden costs of building kitset homes

Not only is it becoming more expensive to build a home in New Zealand, but building on a budget can be a massive test, not only through cost restrictions,...

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