How to make staff accommodation feel like home

by Jeremy Richards


Whether you are renting a home or living in farm or staff accommodation, you shouldn't have to compromise living in a space that doesn't feel like home. By turning a house into a home can have psychological benefits to yourself and your family.  

Here we've complied a few cunning ideas to make your small space feel like home.


Add Plants

Not only do plants look good in a home, they also add health and healing benefits to your home by enhancing your quality of life by interacting with your body and mind in positive ways. How? Plants can work wonders when it comes to the effect they have on the air, as they work to remove toxins. Studies have discovered that plants purify hidden nasties that hide in the home by pulling contaminates in the soil, where then the microorganisms covert them into food for the plant - Amazing!

While your at it, don’t forget to decorate your outdoor space! It’s easy to create a personal oasis by adding some pots and plants to your decking or outdoor area. These can be taken away with you if you are to leave in the future. Also enjoying watching the plants flourish and grow over time can be a rewarding hobby.


Mix up art, photos and wall hangings
It may sound obvious, but personal photos, your favourite art and unique wall décor will instantly make a space feel more your own. Family mementoes and photos can dramatically change the atmosphere of a home. You can also hang your frames without making damaging holes in the wall, thanks to 3m Command strips and hooks which are found at all supermarkets and of course The Warehouse. Buying art or frames also doesn’t have to be expensive, head to your local full product stores such as the warehouse or even Kmart for a range of prints and frames starting from as little at $10.

Determine Your Own Layout

When you move into a new rental, it can be very tempting to layout your furniture exactly as the previous tenants or the model unit did. While there may be an obvious use for a room or place for the couch to go, take a pause and figure out how you want to use and layout the space. Consider what functions you need in the unit (e.g., playroom, office, craft space, workout room), as well as the size and shape of everything you own. For example, switching the dining room and living room or office and bedroom may not only allow you to fully utilise the space you have, but will also help you put your own stamp on a space that isn’t yours.



Add personality with rugs
Most rentals have been painted with neutral colour tones to complement a range of styles. Thankfully beige or white tones go with basically any colour combo. Bring your own personality into your new rental by adding consider covering boring carpets with colourful rugs. Cold tile and damaged hardwoods benefit from textured accent rugs as well.

No matter what decisions you decide to make, the best way to feel comfortable in short-term rental is by incorporating reminders of family, friends and places that emphasis happiness and well being. Don't forget to get creative with your new space, but stick to removable installations. Make sure you always ask for your landlords approval before making permanent upgrades. Otherwise you may jeopardise receiving your security deposit or bond back at the end of your lease.

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