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by Vern Lawry

Find your dream home designChoosing your dream home is fun and rewarding. From pouring over floor plans, creating Pinterest boards and reading design magazines from cover to cover, the process of imagining your dream home is one of the most fun elements of building a new home. After all, the stress of contracts, loans and delays are hardly the bits that people look forward to tackling!

But finding a home design that is affordable and close to your dream is a real challenge. At some point the Pinterest board gives way to bank meetings and discussion about budgets.

Another challenge home builders face is finding a plan close to their needs online. Most home builder companies list their plans by obscure names, maybe segmented by bedroom number if you're lucky. Or they have a way of filtering their plans but you have to go through a long-winded interview to be told they don't have any designs that meet your requirements.

If only it were quicker and easier to find house plans that include all the features you need, down to the breakfast bar and master bedroom wardrobe.

In the prefab home market this wait is, fortunately, over. With the launch of the new Genius Homes Dream Home Finder you can enter the features you value the most and we'll show you the plans that match. There are no forms to fill in and no lengthy interview process, simply select and go. It couldn't be easier.

And if you don't find the plan that meets your needs you can chat to us about turning your dream into a reality. You can even send us a link to your Pinterest board so we can see the type of design you're after!

Our new Dream Home Finder lets you search the entire Genius Homes residential range, from our 2 bedroom units to the 5 bedroom family home called the Nova.

To give the tool a go simply click this link or the button below to get started. Feel free to use the comments section below to let us know what you think.

Having helped hundreds of people find their dream homes we do have a few things that are worth considering when you're looking at home designs.

  1. Think long-term - budgets are important but you only have one chance to get your home design perfect. Ask yourself tough questions about the features you're adding and whether they're going to have the same impact as something like an extra bedroom.

  2. Jot down your annoyances - in your home, other people's and houses you've had before. What really grinds your gears? For some people it's taps where the water goes straight down the plughole rather than hitting the basin, for others it's having sliding doors on a shared wardrobe you have to fight over.

  3. Rank your 'must-haves' - a breakfast bar might be cool but if the budget has to go on a bath in the family bathroom could the breakfast bar be on the chopping block? Could a scullery be down-graded for floor-to-ceiling windows that let in more light?

  4. Focus on the unchangeable - as we've mentioned in a previous blog it's important to spend the money in places that cannot be easily changed later. Adding a metre to the master bedroom is easier when it's being built rather than 5 years later, whereas adding a breakfast bar is relatively easy later down the track.

  5. Keep your sights on your site - having your home make the most of the site is often overlooked. Sun position, view, and wind play a massive part in a home's liveability. Living areas could be protected from icy blasts while soaking up the sun. Front doors and garage doors should avoid facing the worst of the wind and rain, for example.

  6. Or ignore all that - and simply add up everything you want, jump on our Dream Home Finder and see if you can find a plan that gives you everything!

To see which of our plans meet the features you're after check out our Dream Home Finder tool.

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