5 Benefits of choosing a Factory Built Home!

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When it comes to searching for a new home builder, chances are there are hundreds of questions you want answered. Let's clear up some of the uncertainty with a summary on Top 5 benefits of building a Factory Built Home.

Genius Homes are built in our factory production line in Timaru and then transported to your site once complete.

Choosing a Factory Built home can get you into your new home faster & easier.

Factory home building is a solution that provides benefits of efficiency, affordability, quality and great design. These benefits are exactly what Genius Homes will provide with their full project management – it’s a great solution for you and your new home!


1. Ease and Service
Factory builders, like Genius Homes, offer full project management when it comes to building your new home. This service makes it easier for you the customer. You won’t have to deal with tradesmen, consents or councils. An experienced council liaison team at Genius Homes, manage all council approvals, earthquake, high wind zone and flood zonings that are necessary. Factory construction is a very service based build option with the projects team constantly in contact to update you on the progress of the build.
Having a home delivered to your site means that you can choose the perfect location to live your new lifestyle. Factory building is all about delivering you your new home while making the process as simple and easy as possible!
At Genius we want to partner with you on the journey to your new home. You can Contact Us for more details.

2. Efficiency
When it comes to construction, you only need to make quote confirmations, colour selections and choose your interior fittings – from there the building process takes place by itself, with the end result being a home delivered and installed on your site. Factory built home building takes place in a streamlined production line that is protected from the weather so there are no on-site hold ups.

The streamlined ‘factory-built’ construction method means all homes are built to a strict standard, and this means that whilst your home is being built quickly, quality is always maintained.
When the home is complete it is transported to your site. The home is finished off onsite with decking, baseboards and verandahs added. The Genius Homes Site Works team manage this process for you and can also arrange carports and garages to be built if you want. Want to visit our factory? Click here to book an appointment.

3. Design and customising to meet your needs
Factory Built homes are available in many designs to ensure that your vision for a perfect home can be achieved. Better still, all designs can be customised to meet your requirements. Changing the roof style, or the layout of a bathroom is easy. Factory built homes are designed to suit your site, whether it be rural or suburban, with designs available to meet every need in a wide range of sizes.
Look at designs of our factory built homes to find what you like best and what suits your location. From there discuss your needs with a Genius sales consultant to plan your perfect home. It is also a good idea to request hard copies of plans so you can draw your ideas and changes. Brochures and Flyers are a good way to start, as they offer plans and design concepts for you to determine the best design.

genius homes free prefab homes catalogue

4. Lifestyle solution
Factory Built homes give you peace of mind because you can achieve your new lifestyle wherever you chose to build. Remote locations and country areas are of no difficulty because the home is constructed in a factory where all trades are at hand, and is then delivered to your site; which means there are no extensive onsite build costs. Genius Homes deliver all over the South Island of New Zealand.

5. Price
If budget is a concern to you when considering to build a new home, then consider Genius Homes. The large range of designs are all priced with an ex Factory Price (which is the home finished and ready for transport to your site) and we will also quote a Full Package Price (which is the home delivered to your site, site works & connected to services with any on site extras you have requested included). This means you have the opportunity to work around designs that suit your budget

Check out Genius Home Pricing by enquiring about a home on its page.

What’s more, when considering transport of your factory built home, always check what is included in the price. Genius Homes include all internal fittings & fixtures, floor coverings, surfaces all painted in your choice of colours, kitchen joinery, oven, cook top & range hood, bathroom joinery & fixtures. This is a big cost saving which allows you to put more into the inclusions of the home.
There are no hidden costs. Since the production is tightly controlled, there is no room for error or budget blow outs.


A Service-Based, Efficient, Customised & Price driven solution for you!

Put an end to your questions, and discover a Hassle-Free build with home builders who are willing to travel your building journey with you.

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