10 ways a prefab home can create money for your farm

by geniushomes

Farms always require more money pumped into machinery, fencing, livestock and whereas some areas can seem like an endless pit of money there are a couple of investments you can make that actually deliver significant returns over time.

So how can a prefab home actually create money for your farm?

Here we explore ways you can free-up cash, or reduce long-term costs by investing in a prefab home for your farm.

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1- Increased asset value/passive income

Your farm is a huge asset in itself. The livestock, machinery and land are part of the picture but adding housing can increase the overall value to a future buyer, or if you're considering releasing equity in the future. A prefab house could even be subdivided later to release cash, rented as a holiday home or as an alternative farmstay.

2- Reduced rental costs

A prefab with Genius Homes only takes 18 weeks to build, guaranteed. If you've got farm workers in rental accommodation then putting them in a prefab could reduce your long-term costs. Even if they're only in rentals as a short-term measure while you build a house the shorter build times of a prefab could save you money on rent.

3- Lower maintenance costs

Modern building standards champion energy efficiency, high grades of insulation and many prefab home designs are low maintenance. If your staff are in older accommodation replacing those can not only increase morale but can reduce ongoing maintenance. This not only lowers costs but allows for more time to be spent on the farm, where the real money is made.

4- Transportable flexibility

A prefab home can be moved to a new site on your farm or where needed instead of building again, this flexibility doesn't make a prefab home a fully relocatable but can be one option for future flexibility.

5- Increased staff retention which means lower training costs

As we explore in our other blog keeping good staff can be really tricky. Once you've spent time and money getting them experienced and working well what's to stop them from leaving? Providing good accommodation can save you money, and make key staff members happier.

6- Energy efficient, reduced power costs

A new home, especially modern prefabs, comply with high building standards which ensure they're energy efficient, well insulated and built from quality materials. This can be coupled with solar power to further reduce monthly expenditure - key for keeping costs low.

7- Lower wages due to inclusion of residence in package

In many cases a worker's salary can be lowered if they receive other benefits in kind. A vehicle or housing can be significant outgoing for a staff member that form part of the equation around how much they need to be paid. Including housing can lower their monthly outgoing meaning they no longer require as high a salary.

8- Multiple occupants, one building

Some designs enable multiple single occupancies, meaning one building but housing for 2 or more workers. This can not only save space but can lower cost when investing in housing. As an example a small single dwelling may only cost $95,000, so two will only be $190,000 but running utilities to two separate dwellings increases costs. Our cheapest multiple occupancy building is only $179,000 in the Duplex 1 and utilities are serviced to the one dwelling.

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9- Factory built to tight deadlines

Having the house built in a factory then delivered means no cost overruns with bad weather, supply delays or the typical issues with a kitset build on site. Having the house built offsite also means reduced disruptions on the farm allowing everything to continue running smoothly.  This limits cost increases.

10- Builds a sense of family

With all the team living on site there's a greater sense of camaraderie and of belonging. It builds a community where families look out for each other, a priceless benefit when the hours are long and location far from others.  This can help keep good staff happy.

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