Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

When you hear the term prefabricated often shortened to prefab, it refers to the type of construction process, rather than a specific style of house. Prefab houses are built under controlled conditions, usually in a factory, and are transported to their final location by truck completed with most fixtures already in place.

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Prefab homes are factory built and once on site they become permanent structures just like any other house. Yes, a prefab is transported from the factory to the site, but don't confuse it with mobile homes as prefab homes are considered permanent once delivered to site, fixed to foundations and connected to utilities.

Yes, a local sales team member can arrange a time to come to your site. Your site will need to be checked to make sure that your preferred house design can be delivered to your location. Our team will not only check your location but also site access and ground conditions.
No, we don’t currently have a physical showhome at this current time. However, we do have a range of houses on our production line in our Timaru based factory that you can visit. If you book a factory tour, you will be able to see a range of houses in different stages of completion. This is a great way to understand the process and view our houses in person.

We deliver to most towns in the South Island of New Zealand. For more information regarding our transport locations please click here. If you have concerns about the accessibility of your site, you can also book an onsite consultation to have someone come check it out.

A prefab home is built in a factory under controlled conditions and delivered to your site with only finishing touches to do. A kitset home is delivered in pieces as a self-assembled kit to be constructed by yourself or a registered builder.

Build Questions

No, sorry. We construct all our houses in our purpose-designed factory, with the kitchen installed, doors hung, electrical and plumbing fitted, ready to be connected to the services on site. However, we do have a range of house designs perfect for narrow sections that would be worth checking out if your site is difficult to access.

YES! Genius Homes offer custom design options. We will draw up a new design to meet your specific requirements. A Genius Homes consultant will go through the details with you to make sure the house is exactly what you want. There are a wide range of interior options that you can also customise your new home with.

YES! We have two production lines in our Timaru based factory with 10 to 12 houses in different stages of the building process that we can show you. You can book a factory tour by clicking here.

The short answer is yes. This is due to the nature of the building process and the house being constructed indoors under controlled conditions. For more information regarding the cost of building a prefab home click here.

We offer a range of options for exterior cladding, from basic board and batten to premium hardwood. To make the process less daunting we break the cladding options into three groups; feature, premium and standard. For more information regarding these options then click here.

There are many areas where you can save costs. All our designs are customisable so it pays to talk to our sales team directly regarding your situation and budget.

Once your plans have entered the production line, on average the building process to site delivery will take 10 weeks. There will be an additional 4 weeks of on-site work until the keys are handed over.
Yes, we can. Depending on your site and council requirements on second dwellings a Genius Homes prefab might be the perfect solution. Read more about our second dwellings by clicking here.

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