What is a prefab home?

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Prefab home designs have come a long way over the years. To be easily transported this often meant they were boxy and boring, those days are long gone. With advanced technology it's now possible to have almost any design you'd want built. But don't take our word for it. Download our free online brochure to check out our range of homes and see why more and more New Zealanders are choosing to switch to prefab homes.

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What are prefab homes?

Prefab homes (prefabricated homes) are built under controlled conditions, usually in a factory, and are transported to their final location by truck.

This method of building provides several benefits above traditional building methods.

Once on site a Genius Home becomes a permanent structure just like any other house.


Why choose a prefab home?

Prefab homes have been around for over a century yet their recent popularity has seen a spike in interest. This increase has been fuelled by a number of benefits that a prefab home has over a traditional kitset home or a transportable home. Mostly because prefab homes blend the benefits of both!

  • Prefab homes are built in a factory which means no weather delays and the framing isn't exposed to the elements
  • Built in a controlled environment prefab homes can have their costs very tightly controlled
  • Because of this control costs can be lower, and because of the lack of delay homes can be built quicker

Being built off site means that you don't have dozens of trucks tearing up your driveway as they deliver timber and supplies. You won't have tradies coming and going for months and months. Instead you'll enjoy minimal disruption, with the opportunity to come and see your house being built as it moves through our factory.

This also means many homes can be delivered in 18 weeks!

What's the difference between a prefab home and a transportable home?

Transportable homes and prefab homes are both delivered to site on a truck. However once a prefab home gets to its final destination it's designed to stay there. A transportable home is able to be moved again at a later date, so isn't permanently fixed.

This can mean that some transportable homes look temporary. With a prefab home they can sit in amongst a community of houses built on site and not look out of place.

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