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Kitset homes explained

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Many people harbour a dream of building a house at some stage in their lives. Kitset homes are popping up over New Zealand and are often a timber frame, or more increasingly a steel or aluminium frame structure. But what are the main features of a kitset home?

Standard designs

Kitset home designs

Many popular kitset or timber frame housing companies with have a range of standard designs otherwise known as 'off the shelf'.  These are often professionally designed and vary in size, layout and style.

Standard designs are good as they reduce the 'to and fro' of going from design to approval and they are often proven layouts.

Customisable designs

Many kitset house companies will enable you to change a standard design slightly, or even bring in your own design which they can then work up and create a frame based upon your design.  These are great if you want something completely different or just want to put a personal touch on one of their standard designs. 

McGregor - Floor Plan

Building the house

How far the company goes in terms of the final build varies from company to company.  Some will have an agreement to design and construct to the house being watertight, some will help with project managing the entire build, down to the taps being fitted.  

Make sure you do your research and feel comfortable taking over the pieces of the puzzle that the building company won't handle.  Also, make sure you check reviews to ensure the design doesn't create problems for other trades that could later increase the cost.

Ordering materials

Kitset homes nz

With some kitset house companies you may be responsible for ordering the materials required for the build.  Make sure you feel comfortable with the project timings so you order with plenty of buffer room to not delay a key segment of the build. 

Please note that this is not the case with Genius Homes.

Project management

Project Management

If you don't feel comfortable ordering materials, booking tradies and managing the project then you could hire a project manager.  They may be an added expense on an already tight budget but their experience and ability to avert disaster means they often pay back the investment thanks to their ability to see problems before they occur. 

Please note that project management is included with every Genius Home build.

Padding your finances

Sometimes you don't know what you don't know.  As your dream home comes together you may realise that your choice of door doesn't quite fit the frame, or that the wiring to the bathroom isn't quite enough for the heated mirror, floor and spa bath.  Having a little extra money in the budget will help you when it comes to making fixes and changes to keep the build on track.

Timber frame

Kitset homes

Most kitset houses come as a semi-prefrabricated timber frame with most of the framing already tacked together and delivered on a flatbed lorry.  

The major benefit to this is that the outer shell can be erected very quickly, often in only a day or two depending on the size.  Getting the external frame up quickly get you closer to weatherproofing and even though these timber frames are reasonably resilient to the elements its not great for any project to delay weatherproofing.

Because most Genius Homes designs are completely constructed in our purpose built facility the frame is very rarely exposed to the elements.

Kitset home alternatives

There are several alternatives to kitset homes and the main one is prefabricated homes.  These are built in a warehouse protecting them from the elements and with a team of builders that can work no matter the weather.  The entire process is managed by a dedicated team but you can still tweak the layout if you want.

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