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Transportable homes

If you need an affordable home with minimal disruption to your site, transportable homes are the solution you need. 

With a transportable home, you don't have to worry about frustrating delays or the lengthy compliance process. This innovative approach is convenient, efficient, and streamlined.

What is a transportable home?

Transportable homes refer to any house that is moved from one place to another and then fixed permanently on the site. The most common types of transportable homes include: 

  • Manufactured prefabs.

  • Modular prefabs.

  • Tiny homes.

  • Relocatable houses. 

Each type of transportable home comes with its own list of pros and cons, which we’ll explore below.

Transportable home nz

Types of transportable homes explained

Relocatable homes

A relocatable home is a pre-existing house that is transported by a flatbed truck to a new building site. These houses are often moved to make way for redevelopment in high-demand areas. It is worth noting that these homes are older and usually require extensive maintenance and renovation after delivery.


Tiny homes

A tiny house is a compact, fully functional home, usually built on a trailer. To comply with legal road restrictions, the maximum dimensions of a tiny house are as follows:

  • 2.5m wide.

  • 4.25m high.

  • 12.5m long.

  • 3.5 tonnes.

These limitations mean you will likely need a specialist architect to make efficient use of the space.


Prefabricated homes

Built entirely in a controlled factory, prefab houses are delivered to the final location as a finished product. They are new builds, meaning they automatically meet all current building code standards and are as durable as traditionally constructed homes. 

Prefabs bring many benefits, including:  

  • Efficient construction.

  • Faster build times.

  • Simple compliance and building consent.

  • Fewer delays.

  • Significant cost savings.

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Modular homes

Modular homes are a type of prefabricated home made up of multiple sections — known as modules. These modules are constructed in a factory before being transported to the site to be pieced together. They’re anchored to the foundation, made weathertight, and connected to utilities.

On top of the above benefits of prefab homes, modular homes also come with: 

  • Increased floor space.

  • Easy customisations.

  • Flexible floor plans.

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Affordable transportable homes

Transportable homes are typically more affordable than a conventional house that is built onsite. That’s because of: 

  • Shorter construction times.

  • Lower transportation costs.

  • Smaller overall size.

  • Fewer complications from challenging or remote building sites.

Delivery and site access for transportable homes

With limited land availability for new homes, many buyers are forced to get creative with smaller, steeper, or more challenging building sites. Fortunately, transportable homes make this easier by offering strategic floor plans and shifting construction to an offsite location. 


Difficult site access

If your site poses challenges for contractors, some transportable homes provide a simple solution. For example, smaller prefab homes can be craned onto your building site after the construction portion of the project is completed. This means there is only a few weeks' worth of minor site work. 


Small building sites

If you have a small or narrow site, a prefab home could be created to fit its unique dimensions. And, since prefab houses are designed to fit on a flatbed truck, most are already suitable for compact sites.

Transportable houses with Genius Homes

Many New Zealanders are looking for homes with the affordability, efficiency, and clever design that transportable homes can offer. That’s why, at Genius Homes, we offer a range of prefab designs in a variety of sizes, styles, and layouts:

Contact us today to speak with our experienced team or download our product catalogue to browse all the available options. We’ll help you find the most suitable house plan for your site, either from our existing range or by developing a bespoke design just for you.

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