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1 bed self-contained unit for sale

1 Bedroom

1 bedroom self-contained rental unit

1 Bathroom

1 bedroom rental unit to buy

1 Toilet

small rental unit for sale

24.95 sqm + 7.2 sqm verandah

The Horizon is a tidy and efficient studio unit with the open plan living arrangement delivering a very typical holiday rental.

From an Air BnB ideal for a holidaying couple to a short stay unit in a holiday park this unit delivers everything needed at this size.  Quick to build and delivered direct to site this prefab unit causes minimal site disruption while offering great potential returns.

Horizon - Floor Plan


Delivered to site

Built in our specialised factory our units are then transported to site already finished.

This enables the busy holiday park, vineyard or site to keep working without the delays and disruption that come from on-site construction.

Built inside

Having your unit built in our factory also means it can be planned effectively and constructed efficiently.

In almost every weather condition we can keep building, while keeping your frame protected from the elements.  This means we can build in winter, even if others can't.

Easy income

The Horizon's design makes it very low maintenance and easy to manage.

This means less time cleaning, fixing and furnishing and more days available for it to generate extra revenue.  Market on Air BnB or booking websites and see what it can do.


Corner shower
Fully insulated
Income potential
Modern appliances

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