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1 bedroom cheap house

1 Bedrooms

1 bedroom unit

1 Bathroom

1 bedroom self-contained unit

1 Toilet

1 bedroom unit for rental

29.64 sqm

The Kiwi is a compact and modern self-contained unit with a considered layout and a striking design.

The main access to the unit is from the deck, and brings visitors into the kitchen, living, and dining area, which has a good amount of space to relax after a long day of sightseeing. The double bedroom has an ensuite for ultimate practicality.

Kiwi Accomodation - Floor Plan


Modern design

The Kiwi's striking modern design gives guests and visitors a 'wow' factor.

Accommodation is often judged by its external appearances.  Whether using Airbnb or other booking sites your rental will win clicks by looking so stylish.

Indoor-outdoor flow

The double doors between the deck and the living space enable guests to make the most of the summer sun.

Add to that the optional 5.50 sqm covered deck and visitors can watch the world drift by while they enjoy their stay.

Comfortable retreat

A double bedroom provides a cosy place to rest your head after a long day. 

The built-in storage cupboard makes it easy for the Kiwi to feel like home and the ensuite offers convenient amenities, without using more space than required.


1 bedroom rental unit
Income potential
1 bedroom rental investment
Fully insulated
1 bedroom airbnb unit
Optional verandah
1 bedroom accommodation unit
Light & bright
Modern appliances
1 bedroom rental accommodation
Built-in storage

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