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Prefab homes in NZ

While building a house is exciting, there’s also a lot of stress involved. Between weather delays and lengthy compliance processes, you may be wondering if it’s all worthwhile – fortunately, there is a better way.

Prefab homes are manufactured in a controlled factory environment and then delivered to your site as a finished product. They’re permanent and durable, with none of the hassles of conventional construction. 


Why choose a prefab home?

Prefabricated homes are built off-site under controlled conditions, usually in a factory. When the house is complete, it is transported to the final location on a truck. Once it is fixed to the foundations, a prefab is as permanent and durable as a conventional house.


What is a prefab home?

Prefab homes offer an affordable and efficient solution for homeowners in search of a brand new home. No matter what your needs are, a clear understanding of this approach works can help you.

Prefab building process

When the prefab house and interior fitout is complete, it is delivered to the final location on a truck, secured to the foundations, and connected to site services. At this point, the house is as durable and comfortable as a conventionally built home. We'll project manage the entire build and keep you updated at every step of the building process.

Benefits of offsite manufacturing

Come rain or shine, our builders can work consistently on your home in our specialised factory, with no exposure to the elements. This offsite approach allows us to manage all compliance and building consent on your behalf and also means the construction schedule is predictable. That way, we can plan our timeline around the date you hope to move in. 

Limitations of prefab homes

In order to ensure your home project aligns with your needs, it pays to know everything about your chosen building method - the good and the bad. Building your new home is an exciting step, but there are lots of decisions to be made. Genius Homes can help you navigate prefab limitations

Is a prefab right for you?

First home buyers 

At Genius Homes, first-time home buyers can obtain specialised prefab financing with BNZ. A prefab home is a great way to get your piece of the property market. If you have a deposit saved up, just ask how we can help

Second dwellings

Whether as a guesthouse or to generate additional income, a second dwelling is a great way to add value to your property. By minimising disruption to your home and eliminating construction mess, a prefab home is the stress-free solution. 

Farm accommodation 

A prefab is a great way to provide comfortable accommodation for your workers while minimising disruptions to your daily operations. Browse our dedicated range of farm accommodation today.

Prefab homes vs transportable homes

Transportable homes and prefab homes are both delivered to site on a truck. However once a prefab home gets to its final destination it's designed to stay there. A transportable home is able to be moved again at a later date, so isn't permanently fixed.

This can mean that some transportable homes look temporary. With a prefab home they can sit in amongst a community of houses built on site and not look out of place.

Prefab homes vs kitset homes

A kitset home is built on-site and you have the choice between choosing from a range of existing designs or having one custom-designed to suit your needs. Once you have picked the perfect kitset home design for you, the materials are then packaged together and delivered onsite where you, or a builder of your choice, is responsible for building it.

A prefab home is a home that is built offsite in a factory, before being delivered completely built. All of the electrical, painting and interior finishes have already been added including working bathroom fixtures. All that needs to be done is the home needs to be carefully placed on the pre-arranged foundations and then connected to the power and utilities.

Find a house plan

Explore our range to find a house plan that matches your lifestyle. From compact 1-bedroom cottages to spacious 5-bedroom homes, we have a layout and architectural style to suit everyone.

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