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Why choose a prefab?

Choosing a building method has a big impact on your entire building experience, not to mention the outcome. To help you decide, we've outlined all the key reasons to choose a prefab home.


Off-site manufacturing

Prefabrication is a form of off-site manufacturing. This term refers to building elements that are made in one location before being delivered to the final building location. For most of the prefab building process, this means conditions are consistent and predictable, making it a far more productive construction method than the conventional on-site approach.


Benefits of a prefab home

Are you looking for an affordable new home? You’ve come to the right place. 

Customisable design

We strive to create your dream home, with a range of customisations at your fingertips. Take one of our designs and tweak it or start entirely from scratch. There’s plenty of opportunity to make a prefab building your own. Whether you’re building a family homeretirement house, second dwelling, farm accommodation, or investment property, you’re sure to find a prefab that’s right for you. 

Offsite manufacturing

Come rain or shine, our builders can work consistently on your home in our specialised factory, with no exposure to the elements. This offsite approach allows us to manage all compliance and building consent on your behalf and also means the construction schedule is predictable. That way, we can plan our timeline around the date you hope to move in. 

Efficient construction

Construction time for an onsite build is typically 5 to 6 months but, for a pre-built home, it’s just 14 weeks. That’s because our factory operations are controlled, consistent, and uninterrupted by the usual complications. Our experienced team of builders is well-versed in each design and we always have the required materials stocked up in advance. This way, labour costs are far more affordable and you can move into your dream home sooner. 

Progress updates

To keep you in the loop throughout the prefabrication process, we’ll send you regular progress updates and photos. This way you can enjoy the anticipation without any of the usual disruptions. You can even book a factory visit with us to see the prefab process for yourself.  

Sustainable construction

With a centrally-located factory and fewer trips to the building site, prefab construction produces lower emissions than standard building methods. Additionally, we can reduce material waste by storing excess materials for future projects. 


Prefabs are a type of transportable home – meaning they fit on the back of a truck. When the house is fully built and watertight, it’s delivered to your site and permanently fixed to the foundations. The cost of transport will depend on the location and size of the house, as well as the contractor you hire. Feel free to contact the Genius Homes team for our recommendations. 

Controlled costs

Curious about prefab home prices? Prefabs are easy to plan and prepare with no hidden costs so we’ll give you a fixed quote and stick to it. The only additional costs are transportation and site connections – just ask our team for a personalised estimate based on your location and house size. 

High standards

Since the entire project is completed in our managed factory with strict quality controls, our homes are completed to a high standard every time. Our prefabs are tried and tested, with considered layouts and intelligent design. Our team of Master Builders use the finest materials, with dependable skills and expertise. 

Move-in ready

A Genius Homes prefab comes with appliances, fully-fitted kitchens and bathrooms, and all the finishing touches. As soon as it’s connected to the foundations and utilities, our team will complete a few minor touch-ups and hand over your keys. It doesn’t get easier than that.

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