How to increase revenue with vineyard accommodation

by Genius Homes

We've already looked at how tourism in New Zealand, and particular the South Island, is on the rise with domestic and international tourists in our latest blog.

Wineries benefit as visitors to the cellar door mean direct sales and higher GP. Tourism also brings overseas advocates to you and as they buy crates of wine to ship home you know that once home they'll have their friends over to tell them of their adventures, all over a glass of your wine.

But could you be getting more dollars from domestic and international visitors?

Destination accommodation is on the rise, as people trade convenience for experience. Offering up-market vineyard accommodation units offers tourists the perfect way to immerse themselves in a peaceful location and soak up the outdoors with a nice glass of wine in hand.

Vineyard accommodationOffering a deluxe stay in a premiere cabin is the perfect offering for travellers looking to stay in style. This contemporary one bedroom cabin design gives a really modern home away from home, finish the exterior in black or a dark brown for a premium-looking finish. The cosy deck is perfect for a couple to enjoy the view over the vines as they watch the sun set.

You might have considered adding self-contained accommodation options to your winery for a while but don't want the disruption and delays caused by building. Prefabricated cabins, such as the Kiwi design pictured below, come with several benefits, one of which is that they arrive on site completely built, meaning they simply need to be placed and connected to services.

This minimal disruption is perfect when your business can't stop. Yet the inclusion of a couple of cabins could add an additional revenue stream for your business utilising resources you already have in spades - a beautiful and one of a kind destination.

Check out our full range of commercial prefab designs suitable for vineyards and accommodation for other businesses on our website, or contact our friendly team for more information by clicking below.

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