Prefabricated Staff Accommodation

Genius Homes offers a great range of prefabricated accommodation buildings perfect for providing staff or guest housing without compromising on features.

Whether you're looking for seasonal worker accommodation for a farm, ski field or a remote site you'll find plenty of options that include kitchens, ensuite and even shared social hubs.  Our accommodation complex range starts from $228,000 including GST making flexible on-site accommodation really easy!

Genius Homes offer full project management from design & consent to site works & delivery!

  • Fast turn around times
  • Full project management
  • Great value for money!
  • Transportable office designs
  • Delivered to your site complete
  • Minimal site disruption



This accommodation complex is great for family holiday park accommodation, manager site housing or private cabins for staff.  Size: 55 sqm plus 11 sqm deck.

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Station Complex 1

This accommodation complex is great for ski fields, forestry and construction sites where on-site staff accommodation is required.  Size: 89 sqm plus 21 sqm deck

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Station Complex 2

The Station Complex 2 is ideal for seasonal workers, on-site accommodation for the workforce and other remote operations where housing is a plus.  Size: 65 sqm

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Station Complex 3

The Station Complex 3 offers private accommodation with kitchen, living room and double bedroom.  Holiday units, staff housing and on-site accommodation are all solved with this prefab solution!  Size: 65 sqm

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Accommodation Complex 1

Able to house 9 people the Accommodation Complex 1 offers a central social hub, shared kitchen and built-in wardrobes in almost every bedroom.  Size: 169 sqm plus 13.5 sqm deck

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Accommodation Complex 2

The Accommodation Complex 2 offers individual living accommodation with kitchenettes and living rooms.  Perfect for motel housing, staff accommodation and on-site living.  Size 80 sqm plus 28 sqm deck

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Many other options available - call us today for more information! 0800 522 225