Transporting a prefab house around the South Island

by Genius Homes

Prefabricated homes and transportable homes are becoming a popular choice for those building a new home due to the many benefits they deliver. Over the years more and more New Zealanders are looking to prefab homes for convenience, efficiency and practicality but that’s not the end of their appealing benefits. The main drawcard of prefabrication is the building timeframe which results in a faster and more affordable home.

At Genius Homes a house can be built and delivered to site in as little as 20 weeks! This isn’t due to cutting corners or using cheaper solutions but is due to the construction process. Building within a factory means that weather conditions can not hinder the building process, delay supply delivery or get in the way of the home reaching the next stage of construction. Houses built indoors, under controlled environments, can be built up to 40% quicker than a conventional home. When many building costs are labour associated this can seriously reduce the total cost of the building.

Recently Genius Homes purchased and launched our very own transportable house moving truck, which has already made its way around the South Island. The team are experienced in transporting prefab homes and the drivers have honed their skills to deliver a home safely to many regions and sites across the South Island of New Zealand. It is no secret that many of our roads offer challenging conditions and our diverse terrain means roads are often narrow, hilly and windy with plenty of sharp corners. Outside of the main cities, there are very few motorways and passing lanes but having spent decades understanding the roads and navigating the landscape the drivers know these routes like the back of their hands. However, due to the diverse terrain, there are some paths even the most experienced lorry drivers cannot pass. Because of these passes, even the most experienced drivers are unable to manoeuvre their way through some of New Zealand’s roads. 

The range of house designs from Genius Homes varies in size from one-bedroom small dwellings to larger four-bedroom homes. Most can be delivered to almost every region in the South Island, however, there are a few restrictions and places where we are unable to deliver a prefab home. This is purely down to the accesses available and the logistics of navigating a lorry with a house on its back through these areas. All it takes is for one bend to be too tight and the route is closed.

Unfortunately, from Motueka through to Golden Bay and up to the tip of the South Island is a no go zone due to the restriction of the Takaka Hill. This beautiful and well-known road is renowned for its outstanding landscape quality and views, it is also known as New Zealand’s longest hill and has many narrow corners which limit a wide load from entering its path. This beauty and uniqueness make it a perfect waypoint on any road trip through the South Island, but sadly is impossible for a house to pass through.

We do understand that you may want to know if your town or farm is accessible before you go too far into investigating a home being delivered. You might have a narrow driveway or winding access road you want to check, without feeling obligated to continue the conversation further. Before one of our homes is sold to their future homeowner, our sales team will discuss a transportation plan with you. This discussion includes transportation costs to the site and also the transportation pathway plan. This is where our team will be able to advise if there are any restrictions to the size of the home can be delivered to your site or if there are any restrictions. 

If you are concerned that you are in a region or zone where a wide load truck with a house may be restricted, there are a few smaller house options to consider. But it’s always worth checking as you might be surprised it’s possible to go!

If you’re curious about a range of smaller, two-bedroom dwellings have a look at the range below:

2 bedroom prefab home options

Tarras - 2 Bedroom prefab home Genius Homes


The Tarras sits at 92sqm and is popular for its modern mono-pitch roof and large windows which maximise sun all year round. Its spacious open plan living, kitchen and dining area packs a lot into one area, an optional deck can be added onsite to create more space with its indoor-outdoor flow. 

The master bedroom has an ensuite and walk-in wardrobe. Fully finished, featuring quality kitchen and bathroom fixtures, as well as premium floor coverings. Learn more about the Tarras here. 

Cottage 2 - 2 Bedroom prefab home Genius HomesCottage 2

The Cottage 2 is 69.95sqm and is one of our smaller 2 bedroom floorplan options. Popular for its more traditional exterior, this design offers two bedrooms both with built-in storage with sliding doors, which don’t affect the space in the bedrooms. 

The kitchen, living and dining room area is open plan and can offer great indoor-outdoor flow if an optional deck is built once onsite. Learn more about the Cottage 2 here

2 Bedroom prefab home - Oxford 2Oxford 2

The Oxford 2 is 67.2sqm and is our smallest 2 bedroom home. This compact and modern living design could be a great choice for a bach lifestyle. Access to this practical home can be through the sliding doors at the front, leading into the living area or through the rear access which enters the house through a separate and generous laundry room.

One of the standout features of this design is the large bathroom which includes a full-sized tub, the perfect oasis to relax and unwind after a long day. A separate toilet is situated between the bathroom and laundry for minimal disruption in the household. Learn more about the Oxford 2 here

Pukaki - 2 Bedroom prefab home Genius HomesPukaki 2

The Pukaki 2 is a large 2 bedroom option with a floor plan size of 93sqm. This design has 2 decent sized double bedrooms as well as a study or craft area which could also act as a nursery if needed. At 5.1sqm the space is large enough to spread out work or hobby needs, while the secluded nature of the room enables you to shut off the rest of the house.

Tucked away in the hallway are the laundry facilities. Fitting a washing machine, sink, and space for storage this compact 2 bedroom home doesn't compromise on features. Learn more about the Pukakai 2 here

Euro - 2 Bedroom prefab home Genius HomesEuro 

The Euro is 69.1sqm in size and has a mono-pitch roof which gives it a sleek modern exterior look. Its classic layout is super functional and offers everything you need within a smaller floor plan. With two double bedrooms both with built-in wardrobes, this offers a great storage solution. 

The living-dining and kitchen are all open plan and can be opened up to an optional deck. You can also enjoy the benefits of a separate laundry room which has external access to the back of the Euro. perfect for removing muddy boots. Learn more about the Euro design here

The stunning mountainous topography of the South Island is one of the many things anyone calling this slice of paradise home loves fully. And while the snow-capped hills and lush valleys capture the imagination on a daily basis they also offer some unique logistical challenges for a few places across the island.

And while it’s possible to deliver even the largest home to the majority of locations there are a few spots where options are limited. It costs nothing to check with us even if you plan to use a different prefab home company so give us a call or drop us a message and we’ll let you know if your site has any limitations at all.

To check out the full range of Genius Homes prefab home designs download our product catalogue by clicking here or via the link below. 

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