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Building a new home can be a massively stressful undertaking. Organising builders, logistics, the mounting bills and the ever drifting delivery date all add up to a nightmare that is building your dream home.

Many people that have done it once are rightly hesitant about doing it again. For some it's a box that only gets ticked once. For others the value of a project manager quickly becomes apparent!

Taking away all of that stress, but still having a brand new home, tweaked to your exact requirements might seem impossible but in reality it's much closer than you might think.

Genius Homes remove the hassle of designing a new house and create a stress-free building process that delivers the house you want, without the headaches.

The Genius Homes 6 step building process:

1. Discuss & understand your needs

Genius Homes have qualified & experienced staff that can help with designing your new home. Whereas we have a wide range of 2 bedroom houses, 3 bedroom houses and 4 bedroom house plans we can also work to create a more unique home for you.

Your Genius Homes specialist will explain the building methods to you, and show you through our Genius Homes production line. You can tell your specialist about your site and which design (and options) you'd like to choose for your new home.

2. Proposal & Design Sign-off

Next step is to do a preliminary proposal with CAD renderings based on your design choices. At Genius Homes we go over every detail with you carefully to make sure that your new home is exactly what you want.

3. Colour selection & Council Consents

At this stage Genius Homes will make any amendments required to your proposal and send you out samples and colour swatches for fittings such as floor coverings, handles, paints, Colorsteel etc. Take a look at our Standard Inclusions page for some details about what's included with Genius Homes.

Once the proposal is confirmed & contract signed we will submit the necessary documents to councils and keep you in touch all the way. Since Genius Homes are prefabricated in our factory the building consent process is easier for most projects.

4. Construction & Inspection

Stress free buildingYour new home is constructed on the specialised Genius Homes production line to the highest industry standards. Our facility is an enclosed warehouse ensuring the rain stays out and your home stays dry during the build process.

Genius Homes feature a steel sub-frame that makes them strong and transportable. All Genius Homes are inspected regularly during the construction process and we send you regular photos and progress reports. 

5. Internal Fit-Out & Inspection

Once the roof and walls are up, lined with Gib and painted, your new homes interior is fitted out completely with kitchen & bathroom, colour and fittings options as well as all plumbing and electrical fittings ready to be hooked up on site. All aspects of the building and fit-out are inspected before the house leaves the factory.

6. Site Works & Delivery

Genius Homes aims to complete siteworks once the home has landed within 20 working days. Most of the site works are carried out before the house is delivered. Once the house is on site the Genius Homes team will connect it to the services, add decks, baseboards, carports and any other extras you have chosen. Once the house is ready and you've inspected it with our Site Manager, it's time for handover – and life in your new Genius Home begins. We also have a 24 Month Maintenance Free Guarantee to ensure peace of mind and the quality you'd expect! 

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