Feeling overwhelmed by floor plan options? Learn how to pick the perfect home plan.

by Jeremy Richards

Choosing a house is exciting. Getting the details right and creating a home that perfectly summarises you is both nerve-wracking and brilliant. The finer details of choosing carpet colours, kitchen counters and exterior paint can feel daunting but is made easier with expert help. If you end up hating your choice these elements can be really easy to change.

With home building, there are things that are harder, or more expensive to change.

The layout of the house can be easily tweaked in the planning stage, but once the frame goes up it can be harder, or more expensive, to change. And once gib and plaster begin to go on then you're adding a lot of extra expense to make changes.

To help you avoid these expensive mistakes we've chosen a few of our floor plans to showcase a few of the considerations you should factor in early to avoid expensive changes later.

House design with room to grow

Choosing a house with a level of flexibility is important. If you're looking to grow into a home by expanding your family then having enough rooms to accommodate this is important. After all, it can be very stressful to move with a young family.

Likewise, being able to utilise that space when rooms become available is really important.


Pukaki 2 - Floor Plan-1

If you're looking at a 2 bedroom home (like the Pukaki above) then having a study can enable a small bed or pull-out sofa to be added to create a level of versatility to the room. Even a blow-up camp bed can be beneficial when a guest comes to stay. As your family grows this room can become a nursery, and when your child grows out of a small room the guest bedroom can become their room and the study an occasional spare.

For a bigger home that flexible space might look like a house with larger spare rooms, which can be turned into a media room, reading room or kids playroom.

Nova - Floor Plan (1)

The Nova has a master with ensuite and two guest bedrooms with ensuite. These would typically always be used as bedrooms but the 2 other double rooms can either be kept as guest rooms or turned into flexible spaces. Because these bedrooms feature sliding doors onto the deck they can be great children's playrooms that offer an indoor/outdoor flow for games that need lots of space!

House designs that feel bigger

If you're looking for a small, manageable house then choosing a plan with big windows, large sliding doors and a large deck can instantly mean a house that's bigger than its floor plan.


Tasman - Floor Plan

The Tasman is a prime example of a home design that increases the usable space thanks to a great indoor/outdoor flow. The floor plan above features double sliding doors onto the large deck. The deck itself offers a similar size to the living room, almost doubling the social space of this house.

As a more compact 3 bedroom home this can make the home seem bigger in the summertime. Couple that with the tall windows and a sense of space is created. A gable roof style means the living space feels spacious thanks to the extra height.


3 Bed - Tasman

Cosy houses with practical space

Coupling a desire for space and balancing that with offering quiet and cosy areas can often mean a compromise. After all, space is usually equated with open-plan and flowing space. Noise control and cosiness are the opposite, you need screened-off areas and smaller spaces. A design like the Benmore tackles this perfectly by offering separate 'pods' for smaller, manageable spaces but with a large deck providing an interconnected flow of travel.


Benmore - Floor Plan

As you can see from this plan the Benmore has a large living space with large windows and a great flow from inside to outside. This means the usable space is massive, but the clever part s what that large deck area encourages.

With the deck bridging the two pods, as well as the entry hallway, there are two ways to journey from one section to another. In the summer the doors can be thrown open and seamless travel between both areas achieve. Once the sun goes down the areas can be effectively closed off to create a quiet, snug environment.

Choosing a great floor plan is about understanding how you want to live, and finding a plan that helps you achieve that lifestyle. There may be compromises required, but some plans can minimise those disappointments.

If you see a plan you like from Genius Homes, but find it's not 100% perfect for your needs then don't hesitate to ask if it can be changed. Many plans are tweaked in some way and it's much easier to move walls, doors and rooms at the planning stage!

Genius Homes include free redesigns during the planning phase to make it even easier to build your dream home without compromising. As most house builders charge for re-drawings you're immediately ahead by choosing Genius Homes.

View our full range of homes by clicking here. Or if you want to chat about a design with a specialist feel free to book a chat by clicking the image below.


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