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Second dwellings are a great option for a multitude of reasons. From a smaller, more manageable space for an elderly relative to an easy-to-manage income earner. If you have a large enough section, then a small home may be the perfect use for that land.

It's common the have questions about building a second dwelling. The costs, sorting consents and figuring out the logistics can seem so overwhelming that many push the idea to the 'too hard basket'.

In reality, buying and building a second dwelling is quite easy and we've helped dozens of people through the process. From design, budgeting, and sorting consents to delivery and final touches, we're here to help.

So before you dive in here, are some key things you should consider before building a second dwelling.

Prefab Sleepout
New Prefab Second Dwelling on Hilltop

Second Dwelling Requirements

If your second dwelling is larger than 30sqm and features a bathroom and kitchen it will require building consent and likely resource consent too.

Limitations on the size of your second dwelling will depend on the local council rules for your district, which will likely differ again based on whether you're in a rural or residential area.

As a rule of thumb, most South Island districts set the limit at 70-75 sqm for second dwellings, but others allow for up to 90 sqm so it's important to decipher what your local requirements are early on in the process.

When you choose a prefab home from Genius Homes for your second dwelling, we project manage the entire operation and can sort all the consents and permits you need, regardless of the South Island district you're in.

Chat to us for more information on the consent regulations in your area, and consider booking an onsite consultation too if you have questions about your proposed site.

Benefits of a Prefab Second Dwelling

For a lot of people, the idea of building a second dwelling on their property is marred by the idea of having builders encroaching on your space for months on end. The mess, noise and general disruption of having people in and around your house all day is a stressful prospect.

This is where prefab homes really shine. Being built in a factory has many benefits, including:

  • Controlled manufacturing process.
  • No tradespeople on your site for extensive periods.
  • Reduced weather delays.
  • Project management is handled by the manufacturer.
  • Delivered to site once built.
  • Minimal onsite waste.

The house is delivered and lowered onto the footing is the biggest disruption to your site, and once connections and final site works are complete, you'll have a brand new second dwelling on your property, ready to be lived in.

Prefab sleepout

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