Pukaki 4

Spacious 4 bedroom family living home

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Pukaki 4

4 bedroom house plan

4 Bedrooms

4 bedroom kitset house plan

2 Bathrooms

4 bedroom prefab house design

2 Toilets

4 bedroom family house design to buy

154.3 sqm

The Pukaki 4 offers a generous 4 bedroom design with ample living space and excellent indoor-outdoor flow. The master bedroom has a large ensuite as well as a walk-in wardrobe.

The dividing wall between the living space and guest bedrooms cleverly sections the bedrooms off from the living area without closing off the space.

The sprawling kitchen and dining area ensure a brilliant flow through all the living spaces. The sliding doors ensure that when summer comes you have enviable indoor-outdoor flow.

4 bedroom prefab home floorplan


Optional full-length deck

The large optional 35 sqm deck runs the full length of this large family home.

Paired with large sliding doors from both the living area and the dining area, you'll have no trouble enjoying sunny days and quiet evenings watching the sun go down.

Kitchen island

The kitchen in the Pukaki 4 features ample storage, great proximity to the large sliding doors, and plenty of space.

A key feature to this impressive kitchen is the freestanding island featuring a built-in sink.  Perfect for food prep away from the stove. The main challenge will be keeping people's hands away from the delicious food before it's ready!

Wood burner

At the heart of the Pukaki 4 is the wood burner.  It's place at the centre of the home is an indication that the design team at Genius Homes know how cold the South Island can get, and have designed a home with heat at its heart.

From its central location the wood burner can work in tandem with the high levels of insulation to heat this large home.


4 bedroom kitset modular prefab home with kitchen island
Kitchen island
4 bedroom prefab transportable home with separate laundry room
Separate laundry
4 bedroom prefab modular transportable home with deck
Large deck
4 bedroom prefabricated home with walk-in wardrobe
Walk-in wardrobe
4 bedroom modular home with built-in wardrobes
Built-in wardrobes
4 bedroom prefab modular transportable home with bath
Full-size bathtub

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