Accomodation Complex 1

Stylish staff housing

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Accommodation Complex 1

staff housing unit

4 Bedrooms

staff worker accommodation block

4 Bathrooms

4 units for staff accommodation

4 Toilets

staff accommodation housing unit

87.07 sqm + 30.4 sqm deck

The Accommodation Complex 1 is a 4 unit building with studio rooms. One of the end units is designed for accessibility.

Delivered as a single structure this accommodation unit is an efficient way to expand housing capacity.

The ensuite in each room has a shower and the kitchenette gives the resident the facilities for a simple meal. The full-length deck area can be a great social spot to unwind.

Accomodation Complex 1- Floor Plan


Minimal disruption

One of the many benefits of buying a prefabricated accommodation block is that the unit is delivered to your site once it's complete.

This means less site disruption thanks to reduced tradesmen and congestion with site deliveries and building personnel. A busy commercial site doesn't need to suffer the inconvenience of building work with a prefabricated unit

Built efficiently

On-site construction doesn't just delay your business, but it's prone to delays and disruption thanks to the weather and other unforeseen circumstances.

Building in a specialised factory means tighter construction controls, deadlines are met and the weather doesn't get in the way. This means the build can even happen in the off-season.

South Island tough

Being based in the South Island means Genius Homes houses are built to withstand the extremes.

From the frigid cold of deep winter to the blistering heat of summer a Genius Homes house can cope with both. From double glazed windows to full insulation each house is built to last.


4 units for staff housing
accommodation unit
Modern appliances
staff accommodation holiday unit
Fully insulated
staff housing units
Income potential
worker housing accommodation
staff accommodation unit
Heatpump included

  • Accommodation complex 1 - Genius Homes
  • Accommodation complex 1 - Genius Homes
  • Accommodation complex 1 - Genius Homes Floor plan

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