Practical and Robust 4 bedroom prefab home

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Methven Home

4 bedroom home for farm staff and managers

4 Bedrooms

4 bedroom cheap farm home

2 Bathrooms

4 bedroom farm staff accommodation

2 Toilets

4 bedroom farm manager's home design

131.3 sqm + 47.8 sqm verandah

This four bedroom home is designed and styled with family in mind, as it comes with all the comforts you would expect from a new modern home. 

The large kitchen with breakfast bar and generous sized family bathroom make this home super practical, while the rear access via the laundry room means mud can stay out!

Methven Home - Floor Plan


Built for muck

This practical family home is built with kids in mind.  This home is perfect for farms, lifestyle blocks or anywhere where you can get a little muddy outside. 

The rear entry is via the laundry room meaning anything muddy, or soaked, can go straight in the wash. No one wants mud all through the house.

Large kitchen

The heart of every family home is the kitchen.

Modern appliances fitted as standard, large corner cupboard and plenty of surfaces for prepping a delicious warm meal.  The breakfast bar in this home is ideal for grabbing a quick bite to eat or having a catch-up after a long day.

Ready for rest

After a long day, it's a pretty good feeling to finally hit the hay.

In this home, you have a choice of 4 good-size bedrooms to find your ideal resting spot.  All 4 feature built-in wardrobes for storage and three are double rooms.

The master suite has plenty of room for bedside tables and has plenty of space for additional storage if needed.  The ensuite has a corner shower and a selection of vinyl flooring options.


4 bedroom prefab home with built-in wardrobes
Built-in wardrobes
4 bedroom kitset transportable home with modern appliances
Modern appliances
Prefab 4 bedroom home with large bathroom
Full-size bathtub
4 bedroom cheap prefabricated home design with verandah
4 bedroom farm manager home complete with heatpump
Heatpump included
4 bedroom house design with laundry room
Laundry room

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