2 bedroom self-contained unit

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2 bedroom rental unit

2 Bedrooms

2 bedroom rental unit for sale

1 Bathroom

2 bedroom holiday park accommodation

1 Toilet

2 bedroom self-contained unit

54 sqm + 11.25 sqm deck

The Koreke is a 2 bedroom unit. The double bedroom and the single room both feature built-in wardrobes and plenty of privacy.

The open-plan living, kitchen, and dining area offer a setting perfect for relaxing or socialising. The verandah adds an external spot to watch the sunset, or for muddy boots to stay protected from the elements.

Koreke - Floor Plan


Factory built

The Koreke is a prefabricated home, which means it's built inside a specialised factory with engineered precision.

Protected from the elements the Koreke can be built in seasons when other builders are calling the job off. This means your house is built on time, even in the off-season.


Once the Koreke is finished it's delivered to your site complete and only a few steps from earning you money.

Because our prefab homes are built off-site you don't suffer the disruption caused by on-site construction. No apologies to other guests for the building work, and no bad TripAdvisor reviews for the noise.

Easy income

The Koreke is a brand new unit built to high standards, which means less downtime due to maintenance, and happy guests!

Easy to clean and maintain the Koreke is durable and requires minimal fuss. This means your business can operate efficiently while maximising earning potential.


new build home with verandah design
2 bedroom holiday unit for sale
Modern appliances
self contained new build
prefab home with build in bedroom wardrobes
Built-in wardrobes
2 bedroom accommodation unit
Laundry area
2 bedroom Air bnb unit
Income potential

  • Accomodation - Koreke
  • Accomodation - Koreke floor plan
  • Accomodation - Koreke

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