Indoor/outdoor flow on tap

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3 Bedrooms


1 Bathroom


1 Toilet


102.4 sqm + 39.5 sqm deck

This 3 bedroom home has a great open plan living, dining, and kitchen area with full length windows and large folding doors to bring the outside in.

An entrance through the laundry room, large double guest bedrooms and a good-sized family bathroom make this the perfect family home.


Aoraki - Floor Plan


Built-in wardrobes

Each double bedroom has its own built-in wardrobe with cavity sliding doors to maximise the room's useable space.

Modern kitchen

Featuring modern appliances the kitchen in the Aoraki is a functional yet appealing hub for this gorgeous family home.

This home puts the kitchen in amongst the action.

Indoor/Outdoor flow

There's something beautiful about throwing open the sliding doors and letting the sun pour into your home.

The Aoraki features trifold doors off of the living room, which brings the outdoors in, and it doesn't stop there.  Double doors between the living and dining area mean that no matter where the sun is shining there's a door to get you there quickly.


3 bedroom home with bathtub
Full size bath
3 bedroom home with built-in wardrobes
Built-in wardobes
3 bedroom home with indoor/outdoor
Indoor/outdoor flow
3 bedroom home with modern appliances
Modern appliances
3 bedroom home with laundry room
Separate laundry room
Fully insulated 3 bedroom home
Fully insulated

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