Lifemark Accredited

About Lifemark - the independent Certification for adaptability and accessibility standards in your home

All over the world people are changing the way they are designing their homes so that they will work for everyone. There is a global movement focused on developing home design features for our changing and aging population.

In New Zealand this Universal Design movement is represented by Lifemark, a seal of approval which is endorsed by Lifetime Design Limited. Lifetime Design Limited is a registered charity established by CCS Disability Action with assistance from the Ministry of Social Development. Its goal is to foster and promote design standards that work for people right across life’s ages and abilities - from young families to older and disabled people.

A Lifemark certified home is a home that includes smart and intelligent design features that meet the needs of people of different ages and abilities and that avoid barriers that may discriminate against people living in or visiting the home. Lifemark homes are designed to be usable by most people over their lifetime without the need for major adaptation in the future.

Lifemark certification has been driven by a need to provide appropriate housing for everybody. The five Lifemark design principles of usability, adaptability, accessibility, safety and lifetime value benefit all people. For example, in a Lifemark certified home it is easier to manoeuvre prams, easier to carry shopping bags and easier for people with a physical disability or temporary injury to get around independently.

So if you are a family with infants, toddlers or young children, or you have sustained an injury that impacts your mobility like a broken leg or back injury, or you are enjoying your later years in life but your mobility is deserting you, then a house certified by Lifemark will serve your needs.

The Lifemark seal helps the home buyer choose between homes based on how appropriate they are for their current and future needs. The Product Partner program helps identify products and services that align to the Lifemark principles.


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