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by Jeremy Richards



Kaka Point is a small settlement at the northern edge of The Catlins, an area of the southern South Island of New Zealand. It is located 14 km south of Balclutha and 8 km north of the headland of Nugget Point and now home to the beautiful Genius Homes 3 bedroom Hayes design home. 

The Hayes is a modern modular home, the perfect design for those wanting to maximise amazing views and space. The large family home is split into two wings joined by the entrance and hallway. The sleeping wing includes two double bedrooms as well as a master bedroom with ensuite.  This modular design delivers many benefits and the contemporary style means this certainly doesn't look like your traditional prefab home.

But before we dive into why this home looks so good, let's first take a look at the floor plan and see why this design lends itself so well to the location these homeowners chose.

The Hayes Floorplan

The entrance hallway and central walkway can double as a second lounge. This mini space could be an entranceway with style or a dining room with views and an indoor/outdoor flow.  The options are extensive with this intuitive design. 

The living 'wing' of this design houses a family bathroom, large kitchen with island and open plan living area.  Both enjoy great access to the massive deck and will make the most of any open views.  When the summer comes entertaining is a breeze as the living room and deck combine to create an exceptional flow of space and light.  Just see the images below to see what we mean.Hayes - Floor Plan


Exterior Features

Clean and contemporary exteriors seem to be on trend this year with more and more designs going for the modern cedar finish. What we are also seeing, more and more, is people choosing to use an oil stain to get their final look. Whether it's in a horizontal weatherboard form or vertical shiplap this is adding a layer of individuality, which doesn't involve opinion-dividing statement pieces.

The large, almost 60sqm, deck of the Hayes is a major drawing card for this design and offers the ultimate in indoor/outdoor flow. The owners of this new build have the option of utilising the deck for additional entertaining space thanks to the floor to ceiling ranch sliding doors. This also gives the owners the opportunity to soak up and maximise the beautiful scenery and views from all areas of the home. 

Sunlight pours in from both sides of the living wing with the Hayes home design.  Sliding doors from the living room are almost mirrored by the tall windows on the opposite wall.  In a large home this has the benefit of offering great views but in a slightly smaller home, it creates a feeling of space and light that makes it feel bigger.

On the opposite side of the deck the sleeping module is almost the exact opposite.  Here privacy is key and whereas a sliding door still offers excellent external access it's also easy to shut away the world, and any light that may be a feature of the living module.
The spread 'V' design of the Hayes makes the home seem larger than it is from the outside too.  The cedar cladding of the connecting hallway draws the viewer's eyes into the centre while the living and sleeping modules deliver an angle which creates a false perspective drop.  This slight angle also makes the home appear wide, another trick of the eye.
These small tricks deliver a home that looks larger than life, but in reality is easy to maintain and incredibly sociable.

Interior Features

The interior colour pallet in this home is a neutral tone, this helps the already light-filled rooms seem even larger and brighter. When it comes to the fixed features of the home like, wall paint, carpets and tiles, the owners have stuck to a neutral pallet and have found other ways to create distinguishing features.  Pops of colour are added through items such as furniture to create a beautifully balanced and homely feel.
The connecting space in this home has been transformed into a dining room thanks to a few really clever elements.  The blinds on the right window clear the floorspace of clutter and increase the useable space on the right.  The rug adds a homely touch to a space that may receive good levels of foot traffic and the soft curtain on the sea-facing side ensure the space feels soft (complimented by the artwork).
Light, bright and airy.  This room could easily feel small but the large windows and soft colours of the floor, walls and ceiling make this space comfortable and inviting.
The light continues into the kitchen and living space with almost every wall becoming a gallery to nature.  Even though the walls are mostly dedicated to windows there is still space for practical elements like shelves and a fireplace.
A picture paints a thousand words, so sit back and enjoy the images of this amazing Hayes home with some of the most enviable views imaginable.

For more information about this Hayes design click here or download our brochure for more prefabricated home inspiration. 

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