Perfect prefab for Hanley's Farm

by Jeremy Richards

Central Otago is beautiful. The cool crisp air in the winter and the warmth of the sun on the hills in summer can only be beaten by the red and gold autumn delivers or the budding flowers and leaping lambs of spring.

There's always something to do in the region, no matter the weather. Whether you're biking the alpine trails, sampling the regions fine wine or rafting the mighty Shotover the summer is perfect for thrillseekers and those looking to relax.

Winter brings the slopes to life. After a day of carving it up at Coronet Peak you could do worse than warming up in front of the fire with a glass of South Island single malt, the last of a long-lost batch.

Those that fall in love with the mountains, people and lifestyle, hunger to return. Some with the intention of never leaving, and that's where developments like Hanley's Farm deliver. Only 10 minutes drive from Queenstown, and with some of the world's most iconic mountain ranges in view, the location couldn't be more ideal for the adventure seekers.

And now it's even easier to have your perfect home in the perfect location. Genius Homes have 2 houses designed with the Hanley's Farm project in mind, and now each of those homes comes with a very special upgrade option.

New build kitset home - Queenstown and Otago region

The Wakatipu and Kawarua are both now available with an upgrade on the internal insulation to make them even better at withstanding the chill of the Central Otago winter.

Formance Structural Insulation Panels (SIPs) are a sandwich of two layers of structural boards with an insulating layer of foam between. Becoming more popular as an alternative to structural framing.

New build kitset home - Queenstown and Otago region

Formance panels have a number of benefits in areas of extreme cold, like the South Island of New Zealand. With a warm, moisture rich internal environment the way the air interacts with cooler, exterior temperatures is critical to a building's longevity.

If the inside is not airtight any moisture in the air is carried through the wall assembly towards the outside. When it meets the cold outside air it can condense on the surfaces if the outside is also not sealed. This can cause durability issues with the build up of moisture over time.

New build kitset home - Queenstown and Otago region

Formance walls are sealed on the inside, with either tape or silicone, and the outside panel is not sealed. Internal moisture is prevented from entering the wall structure, and external moisture that beats the cladding or brick work will be allowed to escape through the unsealed external face.

So if you're looking to build in the South Island, and want the benefits of prefabrication and increased insulation contact Genius Homes today.

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